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Is water-bottle mouth a thing?

Is water-bottle mouth a thing?
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The wrinkle police have announced a new thing to worry about getting wrinkly – your mouth – naming and shaming the culprit: ‘water-bottle mouth’. 

Some habits are known to contribute to different wrinkles appearing, like smoking (constantly pursing your lips), possibly mobile-phone use (looking down all the time), and constant squinting in bright areas, so it makes sense that drinking out of a small bottle regularly would contribute to extra wrinkles.

But how bad could it possibly be? The short answer, it’s probably about as bad as smoking is as far as the simple action is concerned, except instead of poisoning your body, you are drinking water. That has to count for something, right? We think so.

Repetitive motions, even just our regular facial expressions, result in the lines that appear on our faces – that’s just a fact. Anti-wrinkle injections aim to help reduce that effect, especially on the forehead, and dermal fillers and other treatments can fill in the lines or rub them out, so if you are developing wrinkles – any wrinkles you don’t like – then treatments and preventatives are the way to go.

We’ve been drinking out of water bottles for a good decade and a bit now, despite tap water being of high quality in Australia. Besides the environmental disaster that bottled water has turned out to be, it may also be contributing to lines around your mouth that may become worse, or appear where they normally wouldn’t have. This is true.

Options for water-bottle mouth treatments (we just mean regular wrinkle treatments)
If you are visiting your cosmetic dermatologist, it’s not going to be because you are worried about water-bottle mouth per se; there will be other lines you are wanting to treat. We have a whole host of anti-ageing treatments for fine lines, deep lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and complexion problems like redness, veins, or dryness, such as laser microdermabrasionradiofrequencychemical peels and dermal filler.

What can you do about water-bottle mouth?
Drink water from a glass, and save your water bottles for when you really need them. If you have wrinkles appearing around your mouth, it might pay to book in a consultation with a cosmetic dermatologist to make an anti-ageing plan for life.

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