CoolSculpting – fat freezing – is being talked about everywhere from the sidelines of soccer practice to Hollywood’s hills. Our experts weigh in on its merits.  

Fat freezing isn’t that new; the CoolSculpting device has been around for a while, plus a handful of other devices like the Clatuu, with debate raging regarding which is better. These devices are all much of a muchness, except in terms of how fast and efficient they are at freezing fat. In this respect, the Clatuu, for example, is twice as fast – having more paddles – than the CoolSculpting device.

How did fat freezing come about?

According to legend, some doctors discovered that children who ate a lot of ice blocks had fat reduction in their cheeks, with fat being more sensitive to the cold than the rest of the skin. This susceptibility of fat to the cold means that fat dies before your skin does in low temperatures. In fat freezing, your fat cells are burst open by the cold, and then the fatty acids inside the cell are scavenged by your body and eliminated as a natural process. This takes a little bit of time.

The CoolSculpting device was approved in the United States in 2010, being used for spot-fat treatments. The Clatuu and then later the CoolSculpting device were later released as an alternative to liposuction, but this isn’t really true. Fat freezing and liposuction are both used for different reasons, and not everyone is an appropriate candidate for one or the other in particular.

How much a dermatologist loves fat freezing compared to other forms of fat removal will usually depend on what devices and treatments they tend to prefer. Some doctors are experts at liposuction, and believe it is simply a more efficient and reliable way to remove fat evenly, while those who are very experienced with fat freezing devices will claim great accuracy, non-invasive treatments, and great outcomes. Both have their limitations, however.

The beauty of fat freezing is that it works, that much is true, but it has a modest impact, compared with liposuction. You’ll also usually need more than one treatment to get the results you want. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have non-invasive fat-freezing treatments, but that what is best for your body in terms of outcomes may vary.

How is fat freezing performed? – Melbourne clinic

Paddles suction up your skin and apply the cooling panels to crystallise your fat cells. It’s slightly uncomfortable but usually well tolerated. Fat freezing treatments can take a while if there is a large surface area to treat, but you can do other things while you get your treatments – work on your novel, update your Insta feed, catch up on your favourite show or podcast, or just have a nap.

How much fat can be removed using fat freezing? – Melbourne clinic

You can get up to a 25 per cent fat reduction in one area after a few treatments, which improves a waistline, bulges, and any problem areas that could use a mild change. It’s not magic, nor will it provide any ‘wow’ moments after treatments. It’s a slow trudge to minor gains.

Fat freezing is not a weight-loss tool, so if you were having fantasies of dropping a few dress sizes, forget it – with sustained treatments, possibly, but at best you can expect to go down a belt size. A 25 per cent loss of fat in one area is only a handful of fat, probably grams rather than kilograms. That spillage over your bra or jeans is a great area to pick on: small, manageable pockets of fat that you will notice the difference with.

Fat freezing is a long-lasting spot-fat-reduction treatment, but that doesn’t mean you can just eat what you want – the fat still has to go somewhere. Results aren’t seen for about a month, with fat loss peaking at about eight weeks post treatment, and after 12 weeks, the skin becomes smoother and starts looking lovely. This means any special occasions you need your body looking its best for should be planned well ahead for; you will have some downtime after treatments, so prepare.

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