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Weird anti-ageing treatments that have a basis in science

Weird anti-ageing treatments that have a basis in science
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There are certainly some interesting wrinkle treatments out there, with varying degrees of science behind them. Here we go through some whacky wrinkle treatments that have some basis in science. We’ll leave it up to you to decide if you want to try them out or not!

Snail trail cream
Snail cream is a hit in Korea. It’s a product infused with snail filtrate or mucin – the glittery trail a snail leaves behind it as it treks around your pot plants at night. These creams are often made up with aloe vera and vitamin E for better absorption.

So how does the snail trail work?
Apparently the discovery of the power of snail mucin was discovered by Chinese snail farmers, who realised that handling the snails made any cuts heal quickly and minimised scarring. Snail cream is marketed as an acne scarring treatment, moisturiser, and anti-wrinkle cream. Snail mucin contains allantoin (for tissue growth), glycolic acid (breaks down dead skin), a special hydrating molecule (maintains moisture), and collagen (as a protectant).

SYN-ake cream
SYN-ake cream is not actually made from snakes, but in fact contains a synthetic peptide that mimics the effects of the Malaysian temple viper’s venom. It is being sold as muscle-relaxant anti-wrinkle injections in a cream form (read more about this here) by blocking nerve receptors to keep your facial muscles relaxed.

There is scientific research regarding this treatment, though the jury is still out on how effective it is.

Sheep placenta facial
This treatment involves the application of an anaesthetic cream to the face before a dermaroller (a needle-studded roller) is rolled across the skin to stimulate blood flow. Then, sheep placenta is massaged into the skin, across each section of the face. Apparently skin texture improves after three days, and the changes last for five months.

How does it work?
The roller helps open up the face, and then the massage gets the placenta stem cells and growth factors into the skin. This stimulates collagen, and promotes healthy skin.

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