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What does ‘well hydrated’ skin mean?

What does ‘well hydrated’ skin mean?
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How do I know if my skin is hydrated MelbourneSkin hydration is much talked about, but not well understood by regular folks trying to do the best by their skin. How do we know when our skin is hydrated, or hydrated enough? There are a few key questions we need to understand the answers to.

Hydrated skin is smooth and soft, but to measure it, we use a special skin water content device – a corneometer. The corneometer uses an electrical current conductivity test to evaluate water content in skin – the probe sends low voltage electricity through the skin, and measures the current on the other end of the sensing probe. Water is an excellent conductor of electricity, so the more water in the skin, the better the conduction and the more electricity will get to the other side of the probe.

To do this test, skin must be freshly washed, totally dry, and the same temperature and clime as the surrounds. When doing scientific testing, patients may be asked to sit for half an hour prior to performing tests to ensure the skin has equilibrium. The tests are typically involved with the clinical trials of a moisturiser or cleanser, so the test is for a change in conductivity as opposed to high or low levels of conductivity per se.

These tests may be repeated after the person uses a product twice daily for two weeks, which is how long it takes for the outer layer of skin to replace itself.

Hydration and wrinkles

Hydrated skin can also be wrinkly skin – wrinkles are not due to water loss on its own, and wrinkles are not a sign of dehydrated skin. Wrinkles are formed via loss over time of collagen, fat and a special substance that we use in dermal fillers (found in your body naturallY), which gives skin its volume. This substance holds a thousand times its weight in water, so a part of its loss is of water, but the molecule can only hold what it can hold. Less of these special molecules means less water is held in the skin.

Temporary crinkly changes can occur if skin gets dehydrated every once in a while, but this is not the norm nor is it permanent. Over time, dehydrated skin will wrinkle more easily because dry skin is more prone to microscopic changes that lead to wrinkles, but most people maintain hydration at levels far above this. Facial wrinkles and folds cannot be corrected by increasing the water content of skin, but fine lines, particularly around the eyes, may become worse when you are dehydrated.

Adding hydration via dermal filler injections

We have our very unique SkinGlow Program, where we inject dermal filler into the skin on your face to boost your complexion – partially by increasing hydration, but also stimulating collagen and elastin, and overall improving the function of your skin cells.

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