What are sun spots of solar keratosis?

Solar keratoses look and feel like a rough, reddened, scaly, flaky or crusty patch on the skin. They are seen in all skin types, even people with dark skin. They are now considered to be pre-cancerous changes – that is, eventually, a proportion of them will progress into cancer.

It is difficult to know if a spot will turn into cancer or not, however sometimes a sun spot will give us clues.

Clues to the nature of a sunspot

  • Grows rapidly
  • Becomes red, scabby or tender
  • Starts to bleed
  • Becomes thicker

Dr Michael Rich is a leading expert in sun damage and skin cancer assessment and treatment. As the current president of the Skin and Cancer Foundation of Victoria, his knowledge and expertise is well-known in Australia.

At ENRICH, our team of dermatologists are able to diagnose and treat precancerous and cancerous skin lesions in the most appropriate ways.

Methods of removing skin lesions includes:

  • Freezing
  • Topical creams that are taken up by, and destroy, any abnormal cells
  • Photodynamic therapy

Depending on your personal situation, a combination of treatments may be necessary.

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