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What are wrinkles?

What are wrinkles?

Wrinkles are the ridges, folds and creases that appear in your skin, usually with your facial expressions – smile and frown lines being two classic examples of where wrinkles may develop first.

The biggest contributor to wrinkles is sun damage, but there are other factors involved too – how dry your skin is, if you smoke, or if you take certain medications. Genetics play a major role in when and where you will develop wrinkles.

Wrinkles will first appear in the areas that see the most sun, because UV rays break down collagen and damage it, so over time it is less able to hold the weight of your skin and tissue. The areas of greatest degradation of collagen are usually the neck, face, arms and the backs of your hands. The thinner the skin, the easier it wrinkles.

Every person on earth faces wrinkles as they age, so it’s hardly a disease, yet we still have a huge industry centred around wrinkle treatments. Some are effective, while others make grandiose claims without much bang for your buck.

Wrinkles form when a muscle under the skin is used, and a groove forms. Young people’s skin bounces back, but older skin not so much. Flexibility is lost and skin doesn’t spring back, leaving us with a line-covered face.

We might have just a couple of deep lines (like forehead frown lines) or many fine lines or a collection of both. Certain shapes our faces make – expressions – can lead to the development of wrinkles.

Wrinkle treatments – Melbourne clinic

We have a collection of wrinkle treatments to address the various types of wrinkles you are likely to develop and their stages. This usually depends on how old you are, since younger skin has less wrinkles and lines, and responds readily to collagen-boosting treatments. A more drastic approach to much older skin might be a facelift.

A less invasive type of facelift is the thread lift or suture lift, which is a technique whereby a suture (thread) is threaded under the skin to provide lift and tightening.

Topical wrinkle treatments – Melbourne clinic

We have a series of topical treatments to boost the skin and rejuvenate its appearance, and to help prevent and treat wrinkles. These topical wrinkle treatments can act to resurface the skin, erasing fine lines and softening wrinkles, or add vitamins, antioxidants and minerals to skin to improve performance.

Your moisturiser as a wrinkle treatment – does it work?

Moisturiser provides a barrier, keeping moisture in and keeping the world and all its irritants out. Moisturiser isn’t a wrinkle treatment per se, but it is a necessary component to help keep skin hydrated and looking fresh. Dry skin looks dull and will wrinkle more easily, though hydration is not thought to be a cause of wrinkles by itself; it just makes skin look less wrinkly when it is hydrated.

Topical wrinkle treatments don’t necessarily address the root cause of wrinkles, however, so will not be as effective as deeper-acting treatments. A combination of wrinkle treatments is best.

Skincare warning – fast results can mean damage

Some retail topical wrinkle treatments or wrinkle creams may deliberately act to cause inflammation (which is bad) to make it seem like it’s doing something. Be wary of any skin product claiming results in hours or days, since the effect is probably inflammation making your face look less wrinkly, but in fact over time doing damage.

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