What do the ENRICH Intimate Program treatments feel like?

The internal vaginal treatment feels much like a Pap smear and is typically easy to tolerate. A local anaesthetic is used on the vulvar area (labia, clitoris, perineum) to decrease any discomfort. The process feels much the same as laser hair removal, and is usually pain-free, though some discomfort may occur.

The inside of the vagina actually doesn’t have that many sensitive nerve endings in it, since the canal itself is a very flexible, durable tube – most of the nerves used in sexual arousal are actually in and around the vulva, in particular the labia and clitoris. The clitoris actually extends into the body (more like the Starship Enterprise than a little button). The Intimate Program treatments can access some of this clitoral structure via the vaginal canal.

Most women find our vaginal rejuvenation treatments very comfortable, since the state-of-the-art equipment we use is wave-based – you hardly feel a thing.

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