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What happens after vaginal rejuvenation treatments?

What happens after vaginal rejuvenation treatments?
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After a vaginal rejuvenation treatment, you may experience some light discharge for two or three days, with a panty liner the most that is needed. Pain after treatments is very unusual, so is not expected, although there is the possibility of mild cramping that will resolve within 24 hours.

Understanding the process means you’ll understand what the sensations mean. Your cells have been treated with a wave-based device, to stimulate them to regenerate.

We advise clients to avoid sex for 3-5 days after the Juliet laser, however after RF ThermiVa treatments, there are no issues resuming sex immediately. The ThermiVa is painless, safe, and requires no downtime. You can resume your usual daily activities after treatments without restriction. After treatments, the gel used as lubricant may come out as discharge, which is normal.

Your Intimate Program treatments will be a combination of the two, once a month. Your doctor will advise you of the process and requirements after each visit.

When will I feel the effects?
Most women will feel the tightening sensation the same day as treatments, with some taking two weeks to feel results. The cells take some time to start to regenerate, so changes are felt over time. Vaginal moisture may not improve for several weeks for this reason.

Are lasers and RF safe in the vagina?
Yes, the Juliet laser and ThermiVa RF technologies are designed to be used in the vagina, and are very safe walk-in-walk-out non-surgical procedures.

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