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What happens during a suture lift?

What happens during a suture lift?
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The suture lift takes approximately one to two hours to perform depending on the number of fibres required to achieve the overall individual look. Local anaesthetic is applied to numb the treatment area for maximum patient comfort.

Stitches are inserted via a long fine needle under the facial skin, usually in the mid-to-lower facial area. As the stitches enter and exit through the same hole there are no marks to the facial skin. Once all the stitches are in place, Dr Rich tightens the fibres, which immediately lifts and smoothes the skin. The stitches are then carefully tied and hidden behind the ears and in the scalp line.

The ‘sling’ or loop that elevates the facial surface remains beneath the skin, but cannot be seen or usually felt.

Over time collagen and new tissue grows around the stitches stabilising the skin in its new more youthful position.

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