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What happens during a Venus Freeze session?

What happens during a Venus Freeze session?
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The name Venus Freeze conjures up all sorts of strange images that involve being cold, but actually the Venus Freeze is warm. (It is not a fat-freezing treatment.) The Venus Freeze process is actually very pleasant, and some have likened it to a hot stone massage.

That’s right. Your Venus Freeze tightening and smoothing session is warm and relaxing. 

You can reduce fat deposits, improve the appearance of cellulite, tighten skin, and reduce wrinkles.

A completely painless Venus Freeze treatment includes:

  1. If you are getting your face treated, you will need to wash off your makeup.
  2. Then, you will have glycerine applied to the entire area to be treated.
  3. The heated wand will be applied to the treatment area, which has a timer, so each area is not under- or over-treated.
  4. The face takes about half an hour, but the time it takes will depend entirely on the area to be covered.
  5. Afterwards, you will likely have a small amount of redness on the skin, which dissipates within an hour.

You can immediately see results, but best results are seen after multiple treatments, and will continue as the months go by. Results can last up to two years. There are no side-effects and no downtime.

The Venus Freeze is a treatment that can be used in conjunction with other beautifying and enhancing body and face treatments, including dermal fillers, liposuction, and skin-tightening treatments.

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