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What happens during and after anti-wrinkle injections?

What happens during and after anti-wrinkle injections?
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  • What happens during and after anti-wrinkle injections?

First, the skin is cleaned and ice may be used to numb the area.

The injections are performed using a very fine needle – the same small needle used for insulin injections in diabetic children. Most people find the anti wrinkle injections almost painless, apart from a mild stinging feeling that only lasts a few seconds.

The whole procedure takes less than 15 minutes and is very well tolerated.

When you will see results
The muscle relaxant effect will take 2-7 days to work with maximum effect seen between 1-3 weeks. Results usually last around 3-4 months, but individual results may vary from 2-6 months.

Because anti-wrinkle injectable muscle relaxants work on lines that occur with movement, lines that are apparently at rest, whether or not movement occurs, will still soften over time rather than becoming more obvious.

Initially a few small red bumps (like mosquito bites) may be visible. These settle over 15-30 minutes.

Occasionally, a small bruise can occur, this usually disappears over a few days to a week. Some people report headache after treatment. However, most people find that treatments actually reduce their headaches or migraines.

Allergic reactions to injectable muscle relaxants are extremely rare.

Probably the greatest concern from having anti-wrinkle injections is the risk of a drooping brow, eyelid (upper or lower), cheek, or mouth, and creating puffiness around the eyes.

In general, this risk is less than 2 per cent, but at ENRICH, where only highly-skilled doctors inject, the incidence is much lower. Fortunately, the effects of the muscle relaxant treatments are temporary and will always resolve naturally over time.

For maximum benefit, we encourage a combination of anti-wrinkle treatments with good medical-grade home skin-care, dermal fillers to replace volume loss of the tissues, and laser therapies to enhance and complement anti-wrinkle treatments.

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