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What happens during laser skin resurfacing?

What happens during laser skin resurfacing?
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The UltraPulse uses fractional laser technology to effectively resurface the skin with fewer risks and less downtime than traditional CO2 lasers.

The laser resurfacing procedure: 

  • Anaesthesia for the treatment will depend on the energy and handpieces used for treatment. If needed, it will be applied for 30 minutes pre-procedure.
  • The treatment will take approximately 30 minutes.
  • Goggles will be provided to the patient and laser practitioner to protect eyes from the laser light.
  • The treated areas will be given a cooling gel immediately after treatment to reduce patient discomfort.

Recovery from laser skin resurfacing: 

  • Full recovery takes approximately 4-14 days depending on the energy level used in treatment.
  • Swelling of the eyes/face may occur for a few days, sleeping a little more upright can help to reduce this.
  • Scabbing, peeling and flaking may occur for a week.
  • Antiviral medications or antibiotics may be prescribed.
  • The skin can appear red after treatment. This usually subsides within four weeks.

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