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What happens during square jawline reduction (masseter treatment)?

What happens during square jawline reduction (masseter treatment)?
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The square jawline reduction treatment is used to slim the lower face and reduce the appearance of a square jaw, giving the face a softer, less bulky contour.

What happens during jawline reduction treatment?

The masseter muscles are bulky muscles on each side of the jaw bone. For a variety of reasons, including genetics and teeth grinding, these muscles can become overdeveloped and prominent and actually stimulate bone growth where the muscles attach.

In order to slim the jawline, ENRICH doctors use the same product as for anti-wrinkle muscle-relaxant treatments, to reduce the bulk of the masseter muscles, thereby also reducing prominence of the underlying bone as well.

The procedure takes less than 15 minutes and is generally very well tolerated.

Recovery process of jawline reduction:

  • There is no downtime with no disruption to normal daily activities.
  • The muscle relaxant will take 2-7 days to work.
  • Maximum effect is seen at 2-3 weeks
  • Results last between 2-6 months but as with all anti-wrinkle muscle-relaxant treatments, maintenance treatments are required.
  • Because of our expertise at ENRICH, problems after having Masseter muscle treatments are very uncommon.
  • An added benefit is that this treatment will reduce teeth grinding at night during sleep so, apart from aesthetic benefits, it has obvious benefits for grinders.

Recontour your jaw.
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