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What is a ‘chin job’? Chin augmentation and enhancements

What is a ‘chin job’? Chin augmentation and enhancements
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A ‘chin job’ is a chin implant or dermal filler injection designed to augment the shape of the chin and jawline. 

Chin implants are rarely performed in isolation, however, and are typically used in conjunction with other cosmetic work. The procedure is just as popular in men as women, but often for different reasons: men may wish to have a stronger jawline, while women may wish to soften theirs, in accordance with our general societal views on what is masculine and what is feminine.

The chin is part of the balance of the face and having a small chin can throw aesthetics off on some faces, so for example a small chin can make the nose look bigger, even if the nose – relatively speaking – is not large. Adding protrusion to the chin can add balance and harmony to a face, while also enhancing the jawline and profile.

Chin implants can be done a variety of ways, with dermal fillers increasingly becoming the tool of choice due to safety, reversibility, and ease of application without downtime – a few well-placed injections in a short clinic visit provide an instant change to the face. Chin enhancements and augmentation via dermal fillers last from 6 to 18 months.

Downtime for chin enhancements is minimal, with very little bruising or swelling. Longer-lasting fillers tend to be more expensive to begin with, but they last longer and tend to have a firmer consistency.

A temporary dermal filler chin enhancement can be used as a trial run to see if more permanent surgery is desired. Dermal filler does need to be repeated, as it is absorbed into the body harmlessly over time. Some dermal fillers last longer than others, but your cosmetic dermatologist will have their favourite tools for chin augmentation.

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