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What is a Microdroplet Lift?

What is a Microdroplet Lift?
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A Microdroplet Lift is a form of anti-ageing treatment that uses anti-wrinkle muscle-relaxing injection treatments, developed by Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Dr Kenneth Steinsapir.

Dr Steinsapir refers to research that suggested only a small percentage of those who might want to use anti-ageing treatment injections were actually getting them, for fear of ‘frozen face’. Having your facial features frozen by your cosmetic surgeon after injections is not ideal; we want natural looking anti-ageing treatments. Enter stage left the Microdroplet Lift.

(Note: This treatment is not different to regular anti-ageing treatments except in its application – you always get the very best anti-ageing treatments at our Melbourne clinic, though we don’t use the Microdroplet Lift specifically.)

Dr Steinsapir says that not all cosmetic doctors are actually very good at getting natural results from anti-wrinkle muscle-relaxant injections in the face, because there is no real template for it and it takes many years of experience and a large degree of skill to get it right. A cosmetic doctor must be highly experienced and talented to get beautiful results from these anti-ageing treatments. (All of our Melbourne-based cosmetic doctors are extremely skilled injectors, so no frozen face, ever!)

The Microdroplet Lift is an anti-ageing ‘brow lift’ using anti-wrinkle muscle-relaxant injections that can be learned more easily by doctors who may be lacking experience or skills in anti-ageing treatment injecting. The forehead, Dr Steinsapir says, is never frozen using this technique.

The Microdroplet Lift focuses on treating the brow in specific areas with very small injections to the tiny connecting points of the muscles and skin. Forehead-specific injections are not necessary.

The Microdroplet Lift uses standardised measures and muscles, unlike regular anti-ageing treatment injections, which rely entirely on the skill of the surgeon administering the injections.

How the Microdroplet Lift differs from a regular brow lift

The standard anti-ageing treatment might include up to .1ml in several areas across the forehead and perhaps crow’s feet area of the face. There is a specific pattern of injecting that occurs, but if the doctor is not careful, product can diffuse into nearby tissues, causing unwanted ‘frozen forehead’ effects. Dr Steinsapir says the results can be, ‘… that sort-of Desperate Housewives’ glass-smooth forehead that can’t move’.

The Microdroplet Lift by comparison uses a fraction of the amount in 60 to 100 microinjections just under the skin so that the liquid is trapped and concentrated, unable to diffuse. This means it just weakens the brow muscle, instead of actually completely relaxing it, because it is near, but not in, the muscles.

The Microdroplet Lift sees fewer complications than some inexperienced injectors may see, though it has the same lifespan of all anti-wrinkle muscle-relaxant injections.

The neuroscience of facial expression

The Microdroplet Lift aims to remove what’s known as the ‘resting brow pinch’, which can make us look mean. Instead, specific brow muscles are relaxed, causing a more relaxed, friendlier, more youthful look. This treatment aims to weaken muscles instead of stopping them functioning altogether, meaning facial expressions remain intact.

A good cosmetic dermatologist already knows how to do this, so rest assured that we use the very best techniques for your anti-ageing treatments at our Melbourne clinic to keep you looking natural.

We get beautiful anti-ageing results.
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