What is Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) for cellulite?

AWT is a non-invasive method for effective long-term cellulite treatment. It was originally used in the treatment of kidney stones with ultrasonic waves blasting apart the calcified stones. Through continued research, the process was extended to achilles tendonitis and other soft tissue calcifications.

An incidental finding along the way was the advent of cellulite reduction and skin tightening. Now it has become the mainstay of treatment for cellulite reduction and is popular amongst current day celebrities – even Madonna has an acoustic wave device in her own home.

How does AWT work?

  • AWT disrupts the hardened fibrous septae to restore the natural elasticity to firm and smooth the skin
  • It thickens the underlying dermis, which restricts fat protrusion
  • It mechanically breaks down fat cells
  • It improves blood supply and lymphatic drainage

How many treatments do I need of AWT and Venus RF device?

We recommend weekly treatments of each for 5-10 weeks. There is no downtime or interruption to your daily routine. With AWT, you may experience some minimal discomfort and occasional bruising, although most clients tolerate this procedure well. Venus RF is a no-downtime procedure.

Also See Spot Fat Reduction.

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