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What is an ‘electric facial’?

What is an ‘electric facial’?
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A new kid on the old anti-wrinkle-injection block is the electric facial, whereby a microcurrent is sent through inactive muscles to provide more plump to the face.

One of the pitfalls of anti-wrinkle injections is that they can cause muscles to become inactive in some parts of the face, which results in those muscles becoming smaller and nonfunctional.

This means, like any muscle, they do not provide any muscle bulk to the face, which would normally occur with use of your facial muscles. This loss of plumpness and muscle atrophy is a possible undesired effect of anti-wrinkle injections in some people, especially over a long period of time and multiple applications.

Over time and improperly applied, anti-wrinkle injections could cause facial muscle atrophy that results in a loss of fullness, much like what happens when you stop going to the gym. If you already have a slim face, the effect could pose possible problems in future.

In walks the electric facial. 

An electric facial provides low-level microcurrents to muscles in the neck and face to keep the muscle active – a muscle needs electrical impulses running through it causing tiny contractions to make it feel alive, and behave as if it is active. This keeps blood and plumpness in the muscle. This is the effect dermal fillers are designed to have as well, so a combination approach could work very well for some people.

Physiotherapists use these devices all the time to stimulate muscles – the treatment is noninvasive and doesn’t hurt at all. You usually lie back and relax, with the tingle completely under your control. Your cosmetic dermatologist can provide more information for you regarding your need for microcurrents. Your dermatologist will know if it’s necessary to keep your muscles active while they are under the influence of anti-wrinkle injections, or if your treatments aren’t causing that much inactivity.

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