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What is laser liposuction?

What is laser liposuction?
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Laser liposuction – or laser lipolysis – is a fat-removal technique involving liquefying fat in a tumescent fluid before sucking it out or leaving it to be reabsorbed by the body over many months.

Laser liposuction is very similar to regular liposuction using the tumescent technique, having a very similar safety and efficacy profile, though many surgeons prefer the tumescent liposuction technique to laser liposuction due to having more control and smoother results.

NOTE: At ENRICH, we prefer to use the tumescent liposuction technique because it is reliable, consistent and gives excellent, smooth results. We do not offer laser liposuction. 

Key points of laser liposuction:

  • You need a very skilled practitioner
  • Recovery time is about the same as tumescent liposuction
  • You can return to work within days
  • Swelling takes many weeks and possibly months to resolve, depending on area treated
  • Local anaesthetic required (tumescent fluid)
  • Very similar to ThermiTight, which uses radiofrequency and does not liquify fat, but causes it to be reabsorbed
  • Not for fat reduction, but fat reshaping

Areas treated with fat-reduction techniques are all very similar, and include:

Recovery from laser liposuction
Some bruising is expected, and a soreness that may last for a few days. Bleeding and infection is rare, and swelling is to be expected for some time, depending on the area treated, as it heals. There is a tiny scar or two, similar to tumescent liposuction techniques, but these are hardly visible.

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