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What is Lipodissolve?

What is Lipodissolve?
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Lipodissolve is a way to reduce fat without liposuction, using a product devised using a collection of nature-identical ingredients. It’s safe and remarkably effective in both men and women.

Lipodissolve reduces fat pockets in the abdomen, thighs, upper arms, and back primarily, and can improve the appearance of the chin, cellulite, stretch marks, scars, waistline, hips, and back. Liposuction can sometimes result in small pockets of fat that were left out, so Lipodissolve is useful in simply dissolving these away post-liposuction.

Interestingly, Lipodissolve can improve skin tone and elasticity, as the treatment triggers an increase in collagen production – the fibres that keep our skin strong and firm.

Does it hurt?
A little. It is almost pain-free, but not quite.

How can something ‘natural’ dissolve fat?
Lipodissolve is a cocktail of ingredients, with one being a component found in the human body – lecithin (this form is derived from soy). Lecithin has been used in medicine for some time, including to help stop fat blocking blood vessels. When the substances are concentrated, they dissolve the fatty tissue by destroying fat cells. The fat cells lose their fatty contents back into the body to be reabsorbed.

There are many elements in our bodies that break down fat, including bile in our digestive system. Fat is not immune to being broken down, just like any other biological component.

How does it work?
Two key substances in Lipodissolve are phosphatidylcholine (PC) and deoxycholate (DC), which are injected with very fine needles through the skin after numbing cream is applied.  The PC substance destabilises the membranes of fat cell membranes in the area treated, and the DC dissolves the fatty acids into a milky emulsion.

The outer part of the fat cell is destroyed and the fatty acids it contains are released back into the body. Over time, the body’s scavenging cells collect this milky emulsion in the same way as a bruise, so it takes several months to completely remove the fat.

The fatty acids are excreted via your bowels, but also recycled by your body as energy where required. Your body prefers to use fat as its energy source, so you actually then burn this fat off in your daily activities.

You will need between one and five 30-45-minute sessions, three or four weeks apart, to get the most inches off and skin tightening.

What to expect from your Lipodissolve treatment

  • Lipodissolve works best when combined with diet and pressor therapy.
  • Further results can be seen after each treatment, and develop over time as the fat is degraded.
  • Expect some burning, redness and discomfort for 6-8 hours after each treatment, and swelling for several days.
  • Lipodissolve is far less expensive than liposuction, though it depends on the area to be treated for spot-fat removal.

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