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What you need to know about calf liposuction

What you need to know about calf liposuction
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Stubborn fat pockets can stick around in the calves and ankles in men or women, making them look out of proportion to the rest of the leg. This can be frustrating, since exercise usually doesn’t help, but makes the issue worse by increasing muscle in the area.

Calf and ankle fat deposits are largely genetic; you couldn’t have done anything differently to avoid it.

It’s popular – which means your surgeon is far more experienced now than ever before
Liposuction techniques have come a long way over the past few decades. The horror stories of olde no longer apply – liposuction is now safer than ever, producing sometimes very dramatic results.

Your calves and ankles will be treated as your full lower leg, since you can’t treat one without treating the other. They come as a team, and the procedure is one. You may also have liposuction performed on your inner knees at the same time. If you want a whole leg reshape, your inner thighs and buttocks may also be treated.

What will my calves and ankles look like after liposuction?
This will depend entirely on what your leg structure is at the outset, how firm and elastic your skin is, and what you and your surgeon decided on.

Liposuction, while an excellent body-shaping technique, is not magic, so managing your expectations is important. You will see improvements in your shape, but not for months after the surgery, when the swelling goes down and your ‘new’ leg is revealed.

Shaping the leg
The calf goes a long way to creating a shapely-looking leg. Without the in’s and out’s of the muscle and ankle, you’re left with a thick leg that appears to have no shape. There is a lot of tissue – muscles and bones – underneath the flat fat, which your surgeon will make the most of to create a more shapely leg.

Have shapelier legs.
We do beautiful liposuction.
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