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What’s the difference between man boobs and gynaecomastia?

What’s the difference between man boobs and gynaecomastia?
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There are some key differences between man boobs – fatty chest/breast tissue in men – and gynaecomastia, which is caused by hormonal imbalances and causes ducting breast tissue development in men.

We could technically call both man boobs, since the appearance is more or less the same, but what’s underneath counts. Knowing whether you have just fat, or fat and ducting, is the key to knowing what your options are.

Gynaecomastia affects many men and is defined as enlarged glandular (ducting) tissue in the chest, but specifically in the male breasts.

What causes gynaecomastia?

A hormonal imbalance of testosterone to oestrogen can be to blame, which may be on the normal side or could be caused by an underlying health condition.

Health conditions that can cause true gynaecomastia are those that interfere with hormones somehow, like liver diseases (since the liver processes ‘used’ hormones so they can be safely excreted), testicular issues (like tumours), too much prolactin (variety of causes), or medication.

If you have enlarged breast tissue, you need to be examined to ensure you do not have an underlying cause of gynaecomastia or man boobs that needs treating.

How do I know if it’s man boobs or gynaecomastia?

You can usually tell if there is glandular tissue in your breast by pinching the nipple. If the surrounding area underneath feels firm, you may have glandular tissue, but if it’s soft and squishy, you likely just have fat. Fat is squishy and flexible, while glandular tissue is firmer and less flexible. A doctor will need to examine you and take a thorough history, and ask about any nipple discharge, signs of low testosterone like fatigue, and infertility.

Man boobs of the fatty variety are caused by an abundance of fat that collects in the chest and breast area, as it would in other areas of the body. It doesn’t have any underlying medical cause, and the breast does not contain excess ducting or glandular tissue, but just plain old fat. This is known as pseudo-gynaecomastia and is very easy to treat with liposuction.

Man boobs liposuction treatment – Melbourne clinic

Man boobs can be treated using liposuction, and is a procedure that is relatively straightforward to perform and very effective at eliminating the excess fat that causes man boobs. Liposuction can’t remove glandular tissue, so if you have true gynaecomastia, liposuction plus other forms of excision of the tissue will probably be required.

Sometimes man boobs can stick around from adolescence, and despite diet and exercise, just won’t go away. Even when some men are at their goal weight, man boobs can persist, including in slim men. We’re not sure exactly why this happens, but it can cause men to feel self-conscious and limit themselves, causing interference with exercise, activities or clothing choices.

Once you have been tested for underlying hormonal issues, with none being found that need treatment, the liposuction procedure can be undertaken. Liposuction on the chest area is one of the most popular areas for men, and nobody will ever be able to tell – they’ll just think you’ve been working out, or better, they won’t even notice but think you look good.

Having a body that is in proportion can be very satisfying for many men, who work very hard at keeping in shape, but feel let down by one or two areas of the body. Don’t let your man boobs hold you back.

Feel good in the skin you’re in.
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