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What’s the point of cheek filler?

What’s the point of cheek filler?
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Cheek filler injections melbourneIt can be hard to visualise what cheek filler can do for your face, but this type of filler can make a dramatic change to your face while retaining the essence of you. All very subtly too. 

Usually you end up looking like the younger version of yourself – which is why you may be asked to bring in a photograph of yourself, so your doctor knows just where you used to have fuller cheeks. This applies if you are using cheek filler as an anti-ageing strategy.

Additionally, cheek filler can be used to augment the shape of your face, to create balance between or accentuate features. Cheek filler might be done as part of a group of treatments, or as a standalone treatment.

Why your cheeks matter

Your cheekbones are the mid structures that change the way your cheek skin sits, so well-defined cheekbones are key to an overall balanced look. Well-balanced cheeks improve the facial profile.

Volume loss with age can be corrected with cheek fillers, and create imperceptible changes to the face. The beauty of these treatments is that you will hardly notice anything has been done, and nobody else will either – your look will simply have been enhanced.

Dermal filler versus surgery

There is no reason to get cheek surgery when cheek filler will adequately do the job, unless there is another issue you want to correct in a longer-lasting fashion. Dermal fillers last 6-12 months, are well tolerated, considered very safe, and have great results. The procedure is done is real time, and if you don’t like the results, there is an enzyme injection that immediately dissolves the cheek filler. Dermal fillers have a far lower risk of complications compared with implants.

Cheek filler

Dermal filler is typically a naturally-occurring substance present in our skin anyway. We just put more in underneath the skin via injection, which is naturally reabsorbed over time. We use the synthetic variety, which is safer than animal-derived varieties.

Cheek filler can be injected just above the cheekbones to offer a chiselled look, and into the soft tissue of the cheek to lift the area if it has aged or sunken. Injection-related issues are uncommon, but may include some redness, itching or discolouration.

Choosing yourcheek filler injector – Melbourne clinic

At ENRICH in Melbourne, only doctors inject cheek filler, so you know you are in the best hands. Your injector should be qualified, experienced, and be someone you trust implicitly with your face. You do not want someone who is just learning how to do injecting working on your face. While our dermal fillers are made from a safe substance that can be easily undone, you don’t want to have to undo it or have a negative outcome. You want seamless treatments that achieve your aesthetic goals.

Your injector should have an excellent working knowledge of facial anatomy, while also having a superb understanding of how to enhance a face.

We do beautiful cheeks.
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