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Where cosmetic surgery meets gynaecology: solving vagina problems

Where cosmetic surgery meets gynaecology: solving vagina problems
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  • Where cosmetic surgery meets gynaecology: solving vagina problems

Laser has long been in the realm of medicine, but in particular, cosmetic medicine. We use lasers for our skin all the time, but vaginal laser use is relatively new. It has quickly became clear that vaginal laser treatments are solving – not just band-aiding – a lot of long-running women’s issues that medicine has largely been shrugging their shoulders at and women have become resigned to.

The vaginal revolution, it seems, is finally here. 

New vaginal and vulvar laser treatments are part of a series of procedures called ‘vaginal rejuvenation’. While this term is medically inaccurate, (but it sounds lovely), it is used primarily because the group of cosmetic procedures it umbrellas vary significantly in their application – vaginal rejuvenation can range from surgical labiaplasty to surgery-free laser treatments to shrink labia or tighten the vagina.

The effect of lasers and RF treatments on the vagina and vulva

Lasers and radiofrequency devices are offering the most strident advances in vaginal and vulvar complaints of many natures that we’ve seen – nothing has ever come close to being able to do what lasers do – since the targeted beam can trigger the mucosal layer of the vagina to regenerate itself. This regeneration results in the cells – fibroblasts – producing more collagen and elastin, plus growth hormones. In this sense, it is actually rejuvenating the vagina. The other vaginal rejuvenation procedures ‘tidy’ the vulva, so rejuvenate its appearance, not its cells.

Vaginal rejuvenation treatments can solve a lot of your intimate woes

Vaginal rejuvenation treatments can have immense benefits. Lasers and RF machines are no longer the realm of the Desperate Housewives in million-dollar mansions; this is a real, non-surgical, pain-free, instantly-gratifying solution to vaginal, vulvar and urinary problems for women everywhere, with the only true barrier being cost and location. With a bit of pushing and more outstanding results in research, vaginal laser and RF treatments could soon be part of regular medical care for women, not just available at the cosmetic surgeon’s office.

What the vaginal laser can do

  • Tighten and tone the vaginal walls
  • Encourage natural lubrication
  • Improve the sexual experience by increasing friction
  • Enhance/encourage orgasm and sexual function
  • Reduce or remove itching, irritation and soreness
  • Reduce or remove pain with sex
  • Improve the function of vaginal cells
  • Significantly improve symptoms of stress urinary incontinence
  • Improve bladder function

This list is a panacea for women who have been suffering from vaginal laxity, stress urinary incontinence, and vaginal or vulvar dryness or irritation. There has never before been a treatment that so broadly, easily, and with great efficacy has solved these problems that are so very intimate, but so hard to talk about.

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