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Why are we still tanning?

Why are we still tanning?
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The dangers of tans have been well documented for decades. So why are we still tanning? Well, we love being brown.Melanoma is the second most common form of cancer in young women, which is most likely due to tanning habits. Australia and New Zealand both have higher melanoma rates than other areas in the world, leaving our young men and women at greater risk of deadly melanomas. Recent research revealed that men are not as well versed as women in tanning risks, but that still doesn’t stop women and men from tanning despite knowing the risks.

Tanning beds and salons were outlawed in Australia several years ago, but as we’ve reported, it hasn’t stopped people – mostly women – from trying to get illegal tanning bed appointments. All those tanning beds had to go somewhere, right? Backyard tanning salons are hard to find, it seems, but they must be around because years on from the ban, Gumtree is still full of ‘tan wanted’ ads.

We know skin cancer kills. Why do we love tans so much?

A tan works miracles on all manner of flab, cellulite and other ‘sins’ of the flesh by evening out skin tone. It’s true that a tan gives the impression of health, and perhaps in times gone by this was true, but it no longer is. All it really means is that you will look old, fast.

Our ozone is depleted, and a tan means your skin cells have undergone changes due to damage. The cells in your skin are no longer the same as they were, and over time, this will show itself in sagging, drooping, and wrinkles. The skin is thicker where it has been tanned.

There is something seductive about the tan. Pale skin just doesn’t have the same sense to it. There are, however, other ways to get tanned, including a vast array of fake tanners that can be as simple as applying your moisturiser each day to build up the colour as you ease into summer, or spray tans, which are inexpensive.

If you already have skin damage from the sun and tanning beds, we have tools to undo it, at least a little.

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