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Why heavily discounted cosmetic surgery and procedures are a bad idea

Why heavily discounted cosmetic surgery and procedures are a bad idea
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  • Why heavily discounted cosmetic surgery and procedures are a bad idea

Cheap cosmetic treatments MelbourneWe’ve all been the victim of the discount craze, with websites and apps and cheap-stuff galore, all with the click of a button. You too may have experienced lacklustre performances by staff, and poor-quality ingredients or products. This is because the whole idea behind these discount companies is often seriously flawed for both the company and the consumer.

How it works is that the company gets a pile of money in their pocket at once, and you get goods or services cheap. In reality, to avoid losing money or just breaking even, companies may use poor quality ingredients, provide subpar service, and generally be forced to clean up the mess they’ve got themselves into with overdemand – by reducing the benefits you end up with, somehow. It might be invisible to you, but you can guarantee it’s happening.

This might work well when it’s car tyres, but it does not work well for cosmetic surgery and procedures. Companies may be after a cash injection, but you can bet they are not going to be putting their best foot cheaply forward for you, the discount consumer, who wants a deal, not a regular service provider.

Initially, it was believed that if people could just see how good your service or product was, they’d become a customer for life. We now know this doesn’t actually work, least of all with cosmetic surgery and procedures. Cosmetic surgery and procedures take skill, which takes education and time to hone, so being promised a good deal typically means you get stuck with the junior. You never want to be the testing ground for a young person who is inexperienced in the procedures they are performing.

Most good cosmetic dermatologists do not need to increase patient numbers, so offering these types of deals is counterproductive: they end up with too many patients overflowing their books, but without the sort of income they would normally have from regular patients.

There are some occasions where these discount deals may be useful: a new company may benefit from the cash injection and new customers. It may end up proving, however, to be a bad business decision, and it’s best not to get caught in the crossfire, while a business owner – cosmetic dermatologist, laser clinician or beautician – trudges wearily through their or their bosses mistakes. You may end up with an inexperienced, unqualified and/or inept person doing your cosmetic surgery or treatments, which is a recipe for being dissatisfied at the end of it. Car tyres, maybe; face, no.

The person providing your cosmetic surgery or procedure may be rushed, busy, and use cheap products to try to recoup their losses from these deals. There is no real reward for their efforts, because the goods or service were so discounted. Fillers could be mixed, neuromodulators could be diluted, products or equipment may be purchased from substandard manufacturers, which can all  result in bad results for you, the discount consumer.

The people who tend to love discounts, the new patients, are also not necessarily a dermatologists wet dream either. Getting a discount is great; getting a huge discount is even better, but if you buy a cosmetic procedure on a discount site, and it’s not appropriate for your skin type or body type, you aren’t going to be too pleased to be told that. This is why doctors by law must insist on consultations for cosmetic surgery and procedures, as we do at our Melbourne clinic.

Don’t skimp on your face or body. It’s not worth it.

Good treatments aren’t cheap and cheap treatments aren’t good.
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