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Why the Ultraformer is so popular 

Why the Ultraformer is so popular 
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With so many high-tech devices on the market, with each promising so much, it can be tricky to work out what machines outperform their peers and just how they go about doing that. HIFU – high intensity focused ultrasound – is a buzz treatment at the moment, but with good reason. Our HIFU machine, the Ultraformer, is a high performer and outdoes its peers in several key ways. 

Before the Ultraformer came the Ulthera, a breakthrough and unique in its class but, in Dr Rich’s opinion, was superseded by the Ultraformer. The Ultraformer is more effective and, in the long run, more cost-effective for the patient. The Ultrafomer can also be applied across many more areas of the body than its predecessor.

The Ultraformer can achieve visible tissue lifting across the 3-6 months post-treatment without any downtime. Impressed yet? We are. 

Why we love the Ultraformer

  • No downtime – walk-in walk-out treatments
  • Works well for lifting and tightening both the face and body
  • Useful cellulite treatment
  • Noninvasive
  • Nonsurgical
  • Targets three layers of tissue
  • Can remove fat
  • Natural-looking results
  • Works at any age
  • Customisable treatments
  • Improves underlying structure and strength of the skin and tissue
  • Comfortable treatments

How HIFU works

HIFU is a very precise treatment using ultrasonic waves. The ultrasound waves stimulate the fibroblasts inside cells that produce collagen and elastin while also heating and shrinking the collagen that already exists, resulting in a double effect of instant and ongoing tightening. 

The Ultraformer works on three layers of tissue, unlike its peers, that can only reach one or, at the most, two. The superficial dermis, deeper dermis and superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) layer are all affected by the HIFU treatment. The SMAS layer connects your skin to the muscular tissue below, and as we age, these structures become weaker and result in sagging skin. 

Being able to target three layers of tissue means faster results in fewer treatments. After you see the initial results, further visible improvements will emerge after around three months due to the time it takes for collagen production to ramp up. Skin will look smoother, with an improvement in contour, all with no long-term side effects.

HIFU is an elegant tissue tightening treatment, but it doesn’t stop there. It can also remove unwanted fat. When used as a body sculpting tool, HIFU works to destroy fat cells by heating them selectively. The fat cells take time to be scavenged by the body’s immune system, so results take several months to appear. Ultraformer treatments are the gift that keeps on giving. 

The Ultraformer comes with seven separate cartridges, all of which reach different penetration depths, allowing significant individual treatment customisations. We would use the 2mm slimline cartridge for around the eyes, the 6mm cartridge for approaching fat removal under the chin, and the larger cartridges for body contouring. Many other HIFU cartridges only go up to 4.5mm. 

Best uses of the Ultraformer

  • Skin tightening
  • Jawline improvements
  • Effective anti-ageing
  • Great for hard-to-reach areas – eye area, neck
  • Suitable for more extensive area treatments
  • Nonsurgical facelift
  • Wrinkle reduction/softening
  • Pore reduction
  • Improving skin tone
  • Improving skin texture
  • Forehead and eye wrinkles
  • Jowls
  • Neck wrinkles
  • Removing fat from a double chin
  • Arms, thighs, belly, back

Ultraformer outpaces its peers in safety and effectiveness

It’s no secret that HIFU is a great all-rounder for skin tightening, anti-ageing and body contouring, but many people don’t know that the Ultraformer is best in class as a HIFU device. The range of larger cartridges means more extensive body treatments are faster to complete (reducing costs and time), which is a huge plus. The other undeniable benefit to HIFU and the Ultraformer is its safety record. 

In a published review into ultrasound for body contouring and skin tightening, the researchers explained that the most common adverse event linked with HIFU treatments was brief discomfort during the treatment. This discomfort can be overcome with appropriate medication or cream before treatments if required. 

Only a few circumstances would exclude someone from getting HIFU treatments, including infection and open skin lesions at the treatment site, severe or cystic acne, and active metallic implants like pacemakers in the treatment area. We cannot perform treatments over keloid scars, implants, permanent dermal fillers or with factors that impede healing, such as smoking.

Skin that has more photodamage or is very wrinkled or saggy requires stronger treatments. Still, there is a cut-off where HIFU stops being useful – those with several laxity, platysmal banding and a very heavy neck are not going to get the best results from HIFU treatments. We can recommend alternatives. 

The best candidates are those with mild-moderate skin and soft tissue laxity, with younger skin responding better than older skin due to our natural wound-healing capacities – we heal better when we’re younger. Age is no barrier, and every age group – so long as they can heal adequately – can benefit from HIFU treatments. 

HIFU effectively achieves its goal of offering broad-ranging non-invasive skin tightening and lifting, with the Ultraformer being highly customisable for full-body treatment success. 

We love our Ultraformer, and we think you will too! Get in touch for a consultation and start achieving your body goals. 

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