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Will I be happy with my liposuction results?

Will I be happy with my liposuction results?
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The main focus of liposuction is to reshape the body. It’s not just a matter of sucking the fat out and off you go – fat isn’t quite that simple.

Liposuction is a tool. That is precisely why if you are considering liposuction, you would be well-served in researching the procedure so your expectations can be realistic, and you understand the nature of your biological structures in enough details so as not to expect miracles.

Your cosmetic surgeon matters. You need just the right amount of here and there, with an eye for the results after the swelling has gone down, to achieve a natural shape. You also need your surgeon to leave enough fat in there so that if you put on some weight later, as is normal from time to time, that your body changes naturally, not awkwardly.

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What have post-op surveys found?
There are precious few surveys done on cosmetic patients post-surgery, mainly because cosmetic procedures are elective and outcomes are not typically recorded outside of the doctor’s own notes. Additionally, satisfaction is a subjective outcome, and as we know, depends on how we feel about ourselves, not necessarily what actually exists.

Cosmetic procedures tend to come with some baggage, since we are changing or enhancing something about ourselves that we believe warrants it. This can become complicated when treatments and procedures don’t modify that feeling we have, or a procedure’s outcomes don’t meet our sometimes very high or unrealistic expectations.

Negative outcomes are uncommon with a good cosmetic doctor, however, since patient outcomes – what you think and feel and see when you walk out that door – are what it’s all about. The point of cosmetic procedures is to make you feel good, so a good cosmetic doctor keeps this close.

Optimal results are seen in all Dr Rich’s patients at ENRICH – not all liposuction surgeons are created equal, so the importance of choosing a good surgeon cannot be overstated. Liposuction is not magic, and it cannot change the way you feel inside, and is not a weight-loss tool or a therapist – it can only change some elements of your appearance. Changes in contours can be really slight on some people, since you are reshaping.

It is understood that cosmetic patients with unreasonable expectations are the most disappointed, hence managing your expectations by thoroughly discussing this with your doctor is an important part of any cosmetic procedure.

A survey on two American liposuction doctors
One survey regarding the liposuction work of a pair of cosmetic surgeons in Dallas, Texas, USA, was undertaken. Out of the 209 survey respondents, 80 per cent were satisfied with their results, with 53 per cent saying their appearance was ‘excellent’ or ‘good’. Sixty per cent were ‘very satisfied’ or ‘satisfied’. Those patients who had the lowest opinion of their appearance were the least satisfied with the procedure, indicating there were many other real or perceived issues involved that liposuction alone couldn’t solve.

Almost 80 per cent would have the procedure again, and 86 per cent would recommend the procedure to family or friends.

Dr Rich strives to meet the aesthetic goals of each and every patient – not just 80 per cent!

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