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Will I be happy with my nose job?

Will I be happy with my nose job?
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Nose jobs Melbourne RhinoplastyThis is a big question for the internet to answer, but there are a few key ways to figure out if you will be happy with your nonsurgical rhinoplasty or not.

There isn’t a lot of data available on how satisfied people are with their rhinoplasties, surgical or otherwise, however it is still one of the most performed cosmetic procedures with – so far as we can tell – very satisfied patients.

We’ve been doing rhinoplasties for so long, it’s almost hard to get it wrong these days, but what is clear is that nonsurgical rhinoplasties have been a game-changer. That doesn’t mean everyone is always happy, because sometimes there is no pleasing some people, but finding out why others are more or less satisfied means you can evaluate your own motives and expectations, and figure out how happy you might be.

Questions to ask yourself before diving into any kind of rhinoplasty:

Why do I want to change my nose?

The answer to this question may be complicated. Maybe you hate your nose, and have always hated it; maybe it was damaged in an accident and needs setting right; or maybe someone made fun of your nose and it made you self-conscious.

Understanding your motivations is important for a few key reasons: first, changing your body temporarily or permanently should only be undertaken at your own behest, not that of someone else. Secondly, those who feel bad about a body part, as opposed to feeling bad about themselves, are different creatures and have more realistic expectations. Cosmetic procedures are not magic, and changing your nose in a rhinoplasty procedure cannot make you a better person or more loveable. What it can do is help you if you dislike something about your nose! It’s pretty straightforward.

Managing your expectations is important. If you want a rhinoplasty to change your life, you’re in for a rude shock, but if you just want your nose tweaked a bit so it is straighter, tips upwards instead of downwards, or is more even, we can definitely help you.

How much do I want to change my nose?

A nonsurgical rhinoplasty is a great place for minor adjustments to noses, and remarkable things can happen in half an hour in your dermatologist’s office with a needle full of dermal filler. Evening out the nose and adding, rather than subtracting, from a nose can actually make it look smaller. Check out the before and afters – it’s true! It’s a trick of the eye, with balance being key.

If you need a more advanced surgical rhinoplasty, that can also be arranged at our Melbourne clinic, but is forever, with alterations that require the removal or adjustment of bone and other tissue.

Studies into patient satisfaction for rhinoplasty

A team of researchers in New York and Washington looked into how happy 59 patients were with their surgical rhinoplasty procedures. The researchers used a system called FACE-Q, which examines how happy someone is with their facial appearance and nose, social elements, and psychological wellbeing – overall quality of life questions. The higher the FACE-Q score, the higher the satisfaction with their appearance or quality of life. Scores were recorded before and after the rhinoplasty procedure.

Did they love their rhinoplasty? Study results

  • Women were much happier overall in terms of quality of life and facial appearance after the rhinoplasty
  • Men had improvements in satisfaction with their facial appearance
  • Caucasians had significant improvements in satisfaction with their facial appearance and quality of life, while non-Caucasians saw no such marked improvements
  • Those under the age of 35 had enhanced satisfaction with their facial appearance and quality of life compared to older patients
  • Those with an income of over $100,000 were more likely to experience significant increased satisfaction with facial appearance and quality of life than those earning less

What does this all mean? To sum this study up in plain English: young, white, wealthy women were more likely to be pleased with their rhinoplasty, while other groups liked it, and some people even loved it, but overall just not quite as much.

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