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A graceful neckline – liposculpture of the neck and chin

A graceful neckline – liposculpture of the neck and chin
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  • A graceful neckline – liposculpture of the neck and chin

liposculpture of the neck and chinLiposculpting is a term that describes smaller areas of the body having liposuction applied, such as the neck, chin and jowls. Recontouring the neck and chin can involve reducing a full chin, softening jowls, in effect narrowing the lower face. This gives the appearance of a thinner neck area, which we tend to associate with a more youthful appearance.

These liposuction techniques can be used on men and women alike to achieve a more graceful neckline.

Chin and neck contouring liposuction
Neck and chin contouring using liposuction is a small procedure, since the amount of fat being removed is minimal.

Like all liposuction procedures, the more elastic and firm the skin, the faster and better the recovery and results. Skin that is starting to sag may benefit from other techniques that not only remove excess fatty tissue from these areas, but tighten skin too, like RF treatments.

Recovery times for chin and neck contouring
Neck and chin contouring techniques are minimally invasive and therefore tissue recovers quickly. These procedures usually don’t require long stretches off work, depending on your job. There is likely to be some swelling and bruising, and a compression bandage must be worn for a few days, at the direction of your surgeon.

There are only tiny incision marks under the chin that are not visible, with scarring minimal.

What to expect
At ENRICH, we work with every client to achieve their aesthetic goals.

Each person is different in their skin type and face shape, therefore there is no such thing as ‘typical’ results, though recontouring your chin and neck area can help define the jawline and slenderise the face. This can accentuate the cheekbones or other facial features. The procedure allows normal and graceful ageing of the neckline, and results are long-lasting.

Dr Rich will explain the procedure, and answer all of your questions, including what you can expect from your contouring procedures.

Not sure what you need? Contact us for a consultation to discuss your personal circumstances.

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