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Rhinophyma is a disfiguring skin condition of the nose that affects many Melbourne residents every year. It is a progressive condition wherein the skin becomes thickened and the sebaceous (oil) glands enlarge.

The skin can remain skin-coloured, but frequently becomes red and often has prominent blood vessels, which may be thin and red (telangiectasia), or larger and purplish in hue (venulectasias). The affected skin usually becomes bulbous and pitted due to prominent pores (which may ooze sebum or contain a scaly plug), and scarred.

Typically, rhinophyma affects the tip of the nose, although the sides and skin on the top of the nose can also be affected. Rhinophyma can be cosmetically unsightly, as skin thickening may result in irregular nodular growth and eventually can cause deformity of the nose.

Rhinophyma was typically associated with alcoholics in the past due to their large red noses, however, this is not accurate – rhinophyma is a type of  rosacea. Other manifestations of rosacea may or may not be present. Occasionally, rhinophyma is preceded by acne.

ENRICH Clinic has years of experience treating rhinophyma. Please contact us today to talk about your rhinophyma.

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