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Different types of thread and suture lifts

24 September, 2019
The thread lift is a new, minimally invasive method of addressing facial laxity and creating a more youthful facial profile. Thread lifts are a far less drastic approach compared with a facelift and fill the gap we had between no lift and a surgical lift. Not everyone is willing or able to undergo facelift surgery, [...]

Treating pearly penile papules in teenage boys

19 September, 2019
Pearly penile papules (PPPs) can develop at any age, including teenage boys. PPPs are not dangerous and are not infectious, but the wearer of this string of pearls may not appreciate these additions. Dear Teenage Boys, Quick facts on pearly  penile papules: PPPs are not contagious (you did not catch them off someone else) PPPs [...]

Does liposuction leave scars?

17 September, 2019
Liposuction involves several tiny holes in discreet locations that do leave tiny scars. These scars tend to fade quickly and are not usually visible to the naked eye, as your surgeon will strategically place these incisions. Immediately after liposuction surgery, the holes will be visible as they heal. There may be fluid leaking out for [...]

Does fat grow back after liposuction?

17 September, 2019
Once we hit puberty, we have the total number of fat cells we’ll likely ever have. This limit on fat cell number means that if you have some fat cells removed, say with liposuction, and overeat and don’t exercise, you may see fat appear elsewhere on your body. Liposuction does not stop you from putting [...]


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