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Dr Michael Rich in Melbourne is one of the few specialist doctors who has treated hundreds of men with pearly penile papules (PPPs). Dr Rich has patients come to him at his Armadale clinic from all over Australia and overseas for quick, easy removal which, although medically non-essential, is often of great emotional and psychological benefit.

Contact our Melbourne clinic to make an appointment today. Your string of pearls can be gone tomorrow.

The process of vaporising PPPs

The actual process is pretty straightforward – just one laser session, and they’re gone.

The laser is focused solely on the papules, and works from the outside in, vaporising your unwanted pearls. There is no damage to your penis at all, making our laser the perfect tool. At ENRICH, Dr Rich uses the Erbium laser for quick and precise elimination.


The appointment is quick and over before you know it. The area will produce a scab as you might expect from any cut or scrape, and will completely heal over well within a fortnight. A dressing will be applied, needing to stay on for about a week, and you can expect the area to swell somewhat, with some initial bleeding.

Because PPPs hardly ever recur, you can rest easy knowing that this is the only procedure you are likely to need.


What are pearly penile papules?

The scientific name is hirsuties papillaris genitalis. PPPs are a small ring of flesh-coloured (or slightly lighter-coloured) dome-shaped bumps in an organised row around the corona of the penis.

These little bumps are considered a normal characteristic of some penises and are non-infectious, benign growths. We’re not sure why they occur, but they most often present in men in their twenties or thirties, appearing as tiny pearls around the edge of the head of the penis, more often in uncircumcised men. Men who are circumcised as an adult sometimes find these bumps disappear spontaneously.

Between eight and 43 per cent of men will develop PPPs, though not everyone wants them removed. They can come and go on their own.

Do they affect sex?

Generally PPPs are not considered to affect your sex life, but they can cause the penis in some men to become a little bit more sensitive. Each man will determine how this affects him personally; for most, it is not an issue.

Why do men want them removed?

Laser treatment is purely cosmetic in nature. Unfortunately, the bumps can appear somewhat like genital warts and can make a man feel self-conscious about his penis’ appearance, prompting the clinic visit to have them vaporised.

You can’t pick at PPPs and make them go away nor can you apply topical ointments or preparations; you can only have them carefully removed. Picking can cause scarring and should be avoided and topical applications are ineffective and possibly irritating.

Who will be lasering my penis?

The procedure is performed by Dr Michael Rich, who has been performing PPP erasure for decades. You are in good hands.

Why do these bumps appear?

We don’t know why they appear. We do know that they don’t present any sexual or other issues, and are not a health concern. Men have long been worrying about their papules, but still, we are really no closer to knowing why they appear than we were when PPPs were first identified.

PPPs are a normal variant, with uncircumcised men presenting with them more often.

Home remedies and why they don’t work
The internet is full of home remedies, but all of them are entirely ineffective. The only way to properly remove your string of pearls is to have it removed using a modern laser by an experienced dermatologist.

Here, we discuss some of the most common ‘remedies’ and explain why they are ineffective.

Castor oil

Castor oil work – it’s oil and oil just doesn’t exert that sort of effect on tissue. Castor oil won’t hurt you, but it certainly won’t get you the results you desire at home.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is an antibacterial oil often used for infections, which PPPs are not. Tea tree oil will not work because it simply does not work that way. Additionally, undiluted tea tree oil applied can really burn. Never apply undiluted essential oils and if you really want to remove your papules (and a tea tree-scented penis), avoid this home remedy and visit our clinic.

Special wash or cream

Some chemicals and creams are used as a mild peel or wash, with stronger concentrations obtained by prescription only, or as therapeutic chemical peel at your dermatologist. You cannot get hold of these creams in a concentration that can causing peeling over the counter, nor should you try. You are likely to damage your penis using a chemical peel, and it would have been faster and easier to walk into our clinic and have your pearls removed the old fashioned way – by laser.

Antibiotic ointments

You do not have an infection, so applying any type of antibacterial or antibiotic will not do anything at all.


Using toothpaste – sometimes touted as being ‘antibacterial’ is a total waste of time, and may only make you feel slightly embarrassed as your penis cools from the mint flavouring. You do not have a bacterial infection, so anything saying it works because it’s ‘antibacterial’ is misinformed.

Bio-oil liquid

Bio-oil is a liquid oil mixture designed to soften and protect. It cannot remove PPPs in any way, shape or form, though your penis will be very moisturised and protected. This oil could be useful if you have dry skin, but it cannot remove PPPs.


Oh honey, this won’t work! Honey has no properties whatsoever. What’s more, honey you buy at the supermarket is pasteurised, meaning it is heated to high temperatures and any properties besides sweetness it may have previously had are gone. Luckily, you do not have an infection, so it doesn’t matter if honey you apply to your penis – for another reason – is pasteurised or not. Honey won’t help.


Calamine lotion

Calamine lotion won’t work, as it does not contain any properties that can remove skin. Typically used for insect bites, calamine lotion is great for many applications, but a very poor candidate.

Oatmeal mask

Oatmeal is known to be soothing, so unless you have an irritation on your penis, it won’t work.

Strong acne drugs

Strong, prescription-only acne drugs won’t work because they are a serious acne drug that dries up your oil glands, not a skin-removal strategy. PPPs are not an oil gland, and therefore this cannot help you. Acne drugs will not work.


Iodine is an antibacterial agent, and because your problem is not bacterially-based in any way, iodine cannot help. Iodine is also quite drying, so applying it to your penis is going to make your penis dry and a funny colour; it will not remove your papules.

Baby powder

Baby powder is a benign powder that has no active effect except to dry tissue, typically used in babies (though less so these days) to help prevent nappy rash. Baby powder will result in you having a dusty, pleasant-smelling penis and not much more.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is acidic, but not acidic enough to remove even the softest pearly papule. Using any form of topical cream that promises to be acidic is also inappropriate to put onto your penis. Don’t do it.

Topical ointments or creams or oils do not work. We have the best eradication strategy for PPPs: a laser session. Visit our clinic for your safe, effective, quick pearly penile papule removal.

Other procedures for men

PPP ‘surgery’

There is no surgery involved – it’s a laser, which is not less powerful than a scalpel, but there are no cuts. The laser uses heat, making the session very quick, easy, and relatively painless.

Pearly papule treatment may change the way you feel about your penis’s appearance, so get your appointment booked.

Other cosmetic procedures for men

We have a lot of different procedures for men, from hair-loss solutions (the ones that work, not the ones that don’t!), snoring solutions, tattoo removal, stretch-mark removal, facial rejuvenation to recontour an ageing face, and liposuction to remove that unwanted fat.

Pearly papule treatment can rid you of the wart-like appearance of the pearly papules. There is only one good pearly procedure for PPPs and that is vaporising by a qualified, experienced doctor. Dr Rich does this so carefully, professionally and best of all, quickly.

Vaporise your papules today. 
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*Results may vary from person to person


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