Men’s Treatments

Men’s Treatments

A dermatologist is a specialist skin, hair and nail doctor who has completed not only their medical degree, but several extra years of training and can diagnose, treat and help prevent skin, hair and nail diseases.

Blood Vessels Conditions
Skin Cancer

Men can often hold additional fat on their bellies, back flanks and around the breast area. As a fat pocket removal treatment,  liposuction can often help with these areas.  

Chin Liposuction
Spot Fat Reduction
Inner Thigh Liposuction

Snoring is the sound of the soft tissue at the back of your throat vibrating as you breathe. Snoring treatment options at ENRICH clinic include lasers or radiofrequency devices that tighten and reduce this tissue in the upper palate.

Solving Snoring Problems With An Rf Treatment
Causes and Treatments for Snoring 

At ENRICH, we offer a range of skin-tightening technologies that can help your skin improve it elasticity and collagen production. 

Skin Tight Program
Ultraformer III
The Secret

Men are often overlooked when we think of being self-conscious about hard-to-remove fat pocket issues, but in reality, men can be just as concerned as women. 

Gynaecomastia Removal Surgery Recovery
Liposuction For Men – Beer Bellies, Man-Boobs, Double Chins

Dr Michael Rich in Melbourne is one of the few specialist dermatologists who has treated hundreds of men with pearly penile papules (PPPs).

Pearly Penile Papules

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