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We have the full suite of treatment options for your concerns, ranging from hair loss to pearly penile papules.

Pearly penile papule removal

These tiny little pearly papules around the ridge of the head of the penis can cause some men embarrassment, because they can resemble small warts. They are easy to vaporise in a walk-in walk-out appointment.
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Hair loss treatments

We utilise platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to help get your hair back. PRP are stem cells that stimulate hair follicle growth by stimulating collagen formation and stimulating existing hair follicles.
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Gynaecomastia – man boob removal

Liposuction is used to remove gynaecomastia (man boobs, male breast tissue) to give you a flatter chest. Enhance your muscle definition in this once-off treatment.
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Excess sweating

Men have more sweat glands than women, but this can be a downer when you’re warm, nervous, or unwell, when the sweat can get out of control. We have a series of systems to treat excess sweating.
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Liposuction for beer bellies, arms, abdomen

The results for liposuction of the abdomen in men can be quite striking, since once you get rid of the gut, what lies underneath is muscle. Get your definition back.
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Facial sculpting

Get better lines with non-surgical treatments. We can adjust your jawline, forehead, eyebrows, lips and cheeks to put your best face forward.
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Look good and feel confident with our Men’s Wellness Program, tailored to your needs.
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