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Facial Rejuvenation
Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation Melbourne

Our face, neck and hands tend to show the most obvious signs of ageing, and can often benefit from facial rejuvenation treatments. As the hands and face are unclothed, they’re particularly vulnerable to sun exposure, loss of dermal volume and elasticity. As a result, the skin can pigment and shrivel, revealing underlying veins, tendons and bone structures.

At ENRICH, our advanced facial rejuvenation treatments effectively treat the skin on the hands as well as the face and body. We offer a vast range of topical treatments and lasers to treat pigmentation and improve skin quality and volume. Our dermatologists and experienced cosmetic specialists will assess your concerns to select the best choice of technologies and application techniques for your hand rejuvenation.

Treatments are tailored to address pigmentation, skin wrinkling and smoothness, as well as to replace lost volume by plumping up the tissue. Because we have so many different lasers and treatment options at ENRICH, we are able to select the treatment that will best suit your individual situation and budget.

Facial rejuvenation via laser

Sometimes, our skin needs to be refreshed in more invasive ways, which may mean getting ablative lasers involved. An ablative laser takes off the top layer(s) of skin, revealing fresh, new skin underneath. Ablative lasers do include some downtime since the skin has to heal.

Lasers are targeted to very specific wavelengths and are therefore very useful for very specific tasks. Each laser has its own uses, with some very proficient at stripping away damaged or blemished skin to reveal a whole new, fresh layer underneath.

Facelift or thread lift?

There are some huge advantages to the suture lift compared with the facelift for many people. The suture lift is less invasive and only includes skin, as opposed to restructuring the facial tissue more extensively.

The suture lift is reversible, recovery is quick, and because there is no cutting, the risks of nerve damage are much lower. There is also no signs of scarring, though a small fold may be visible near the ear for several weeks after the procedure.

A conventional facelift, however, has some advantages – it is a very effective form of long-lasting facial rejuvenation cosmetic surgery. Which facial rejuvenation procedure is right for you can be discussed in person at our Melbourne clinic.

The Silhouette Soft facial rejuvenation treatment

The Silhouette Soft is less invasive than even the suture lift, and takes less time to perform. The Silhouette Soft is a facial rejuvenation treatment available at our Melbourne clinic, taking about half an hour, and involving a novel version of sutures to hold skin firm.

A very fine needle is used to insert a suture under the skin, to about 5mm. It is held in place by absorbable cones, after which the doctor compresses the skin slightly to get the desired shape and lift. The ends of the suture are snipped.

After treatment, some slight bruising may occur with some minor swelling. The skin will settle over a couple of days. Treatments can last for up to 18 months, and then they can be refreshed, or the more comprehensive step to get a suture lift can be taken.

Laser face lifting treatments and laser facelift surgery

A laser face lifting treatment is a minor form of laser facelift surgery, without the surgery. Sometimes lasers will be used in facelifts, but that is then used as a surgical technique, rather than as a skin treatment to encourage lift.

Skin rejuvenation via skin tightening

We have a series of state-of-the-art wave-based photo rejuvenation devices that are very effective skin tighteners. These include the Ultraformer III and our ThermiRF machines. Each machine works in a slightly different way to effect skin-tightening changes, but they all do a beautiful job.

Ultraformer III for skin tightening

The Ultraformer III is an ultrasound skin-tightening device used on the eye area, face, neck, and body. It targets each layer of skin for tightening and lifting through all the layers that you can see immediately and that lasts for longer.

Facial rejuvenation using the ThermiRF or ThermiTight

The ThermiRF radiofrequency device comes with several handpieces, for a choice of applications. The machine can be used on the outer skin as an RF device to stimulate fibroblasts, and encourage the production of collagen and elastin, to tighten and smooth skin. Alternatively, we have the ThermiTight procedure, which involves under-skin application of the radiofrequency.

These treatments really get deep into your skin cells, and the treatments work both immediately and over time, as the cells rejuvenate.

Dermal filler treatments for skin rejuvenation

There are several ways that we use dermal fillers: first, to replace lost volume in skin by adding a targeted dose of dermal filler to a certain area, and secondly, a specific rejuvenating dermal filler can be used with microinjections to freshen skin.

Dermal fillers have come a long way, and are now one of many excellent tools in the cosmetic dermatologist’s arsenal. Dermal fillers can rebuild an ageing face, all the while offering ongoing skin rejuvenation from the inside.

One of our favourite dermal fillers is used in both volume-based and skin-rejuvenating dermal filler treatments. The ingredient is actually a substance found naturally in skin, and it is a connector between our blood vessels and our skin that contains all the ingredients for healthy skin cells.

As we age, hydrating molecule production drops off, and this becomes clear by the skin cells not performing like they used to. Our skin starts to age – it sags, wrinkles, droops, and becomes drier and thinner. These dermal fillers work to rejuvenate cells by providing more of the medium that connects to the fibroblasts that produce collagen and elastin, boosting their performance.

Dermal fillers can actually ‘undo’ some fine lines and wrinkles, because the collagen that was lost is replaced. It can soften deep creases and lines, and freshen up the skin – you will be glowing after these treatments because your skin cells get much-needed hydration while working overtime to produce collagen. The results can be impressive.

The magic of our dermal fillers is that it keeps working as long as it’s in your skin. The liquid gets reabsorbed over time, usually several months, though lip filler can dissipate faster due to the movement of the mouth eating and talking.

Muscle-relaxant anti-wrinkle injections

Reducing the muscular activity that causes many lines and wrinkles on your face can now be done, at least in part, by utilising long-acting muscle-relaxants. These injections are specialist-performed, and act only on the tiny little muscles in your face. You will not end up the punchline to a joke, since your face will move naturally. You will still be able to express yourself as usual.

What will happen is that the muscles that are causing lines to appear on your face will be immobilised or partially immobilised to prevent further creasing. The beauty of these anti-wrinkle injections is that they only last a few months, up to six months, so you don’t have to be concerned that you are making absolute changes to the way your face works.

Anti-wrinkle injections have become possibly the most well-known of all minor cosmetic treatments available today. They are a walk-in walk-out procedure that involves very little discomfort, providing excellent benefits when it comes to preserving the skin. Anti-wrinkle injections work to rejuvenate the face by acting as part of your anti-ageing team as a preventative to further lines and wrinkles.

Over time, a collection of anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers can work wonders for ongoing facial rejuvenation.

What is a thread lift?

The suture lift is a minimally-invasive skin rejuvenation procedure that will immediately pep up a tired or ageing face through the introduction of non-absorbable medical threads. It is the baby version of a full surgical facelift.

The sutures create a sling underneath the facial skin that acts as a support as well as lifting the skin. There are only two small incisions in the skin, with one of those tucked behind the ear, and the other disguised in the scalp. This means very little to no scarring, and any marks are not visible.

The suture lift works immediately. When you walk out of the clinic, your face will be lifted and your skin will be smoother. It works equally well on both men and women, so anyone with sagging facial skin can benefit.

A suture lift provides volume and structure to the middle of the face, offering a lift to the lower face. Any wrinkled, loose skin that is starting to droop can be adjusted so that the cheeks, jowls and corners of the mouth are lifted. The neck also sees a lift.

The suture lift is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation and facial rejuvenation procedure that also offers tightening. Dermal fillers may also be used as a co-treatment, since it may offer the best results.

Facial rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation using photo rejuvenation or other treatments at our Melbourne clinic will be tailored to your needs. After a thorough consultation with one of our specialist cosmetic dermatologists, you will be offered a treatment plan to fulfill your aesthetic goals.

Your skin rejuvenation and facial rejuvenation plan might include any of these treatments, but we also have a full suite of cosmetic equipment, techniques, treatments and specialist dermatologists to get the best out of your skin, no matter what.

The HydroActive Facial – Melbourne clinic

The HydroActive Facial is a deeply hydrating skin treatment that leaves your skin looking glorious – no inflammation, no redness, just deeply cleaned and moisturised to its core.

Skin booster injections – Melbourne clinic

Skin booster injections are dermal filler treatments using a special substance that makes your skin glow.

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Lip rejuvenation – filler and hydrators

You can boost up thin lips with dermal filler, or rejuvenate the lips with the micro-injections to hydrate dry lips. Ask your cosmetic dermatologist for their recommendations.

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