We understand
Everyone is unique. No two people require the same treatment plan and that's why we have over twenty treatment lasers and devices to address individual skin health needs
We understand
Everyone is unique. No two people require the same treatment plan and that's why we have over twenty treatment lasers and devices to address individual skin health needs

Cosmetic & Dermatology Treatments

At ENRICH Clinic, we offer a range of dermatological and cosmetic treatments, including skin rejuvenation & tightening, vaginal treatments, wrinkle and dermal treatments, specialised laser treatment,  tattoo removal, hair removal and men’s issues such as pearly penile papules & hair loss.

Dr Michael Rich, the founder of ENRICH clinic, is a specialist dermatologist who has been treating dermatological issues such as skin cancers, psoriasis, blood vessels conditions, rosacea, moles, freckles and sunspots for over 30 years. His team of dermatologists, doctors and nurses treat, contain and rejuvenate the skin

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ENRICH is an aesthetic, cosmetic and dermatology clinic in Melbourne that treats hundreds of patients every year for conditions ranging from eczema to acne, wrinkles to pigmentation, spider veins to intimate issues, fat reduction to dermal treatments, snoring to sweating and more. 

ENRICH dermatology clinic – over 30 years of experience

Finding the dermatological clinic that best solves your skin and anti-ageing issues can be problematic. ENRICH prides itself on providing dermatology patients with patient-centric care and treatments.

ENRICH Clinic  –  

We practice aesthetic treatment, surgical dermatology, clinical dermatology and all facets of skin health.  At ENRICH, our cosmetic doctors perform a range of dermal and laser treatments to help reduce wrinkles and fine lines, plump skin, and help reduce the effects of aging on skin. Our nurse team are well-versed in our lasers, peels and a range of other aesthetic and no downtime procedures. 



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Dr Michael Rich is the founder and director of the ENRICH Clinic and a specialist dermatologist who practices clinical and aesthetic dermatology.

The ENRICH Clinic team consists of cosmetic doctors, dermatologists, an allergist specialist, and a team of nurses in clinic. Our practice has over 30 years of experience in both cosmetic and medical skin treatments. To book an appointment call us on (03) 9500 9500

Dr. Michael Rich

Book a Cosmetic Consultation

At ENRICH Clinic, a confidential cosmetic consultation with our cosmetic consultant is $50 and is a 1 hour appointment. Have your questions answered about any cosmetic or skin procedure, and discuss what treatments best suit you, your condition or your skin type. Simply call us on (03) 9500 9500 to book or fill in the form below.

(Please note for most cosmetic or dermatology consults, a doctor’s referral is required, and for a dermatology consult, a specialist dermatologist consult fee applies.)

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We love sharing knowledge and information with our patients. Every month we pen several blogs on topics that we think might be of interest. Our library is extensive as we have been writing blogs for over five years now.  New search function coming soon, 

Please note: Blog information is derived from several sources and does not constitute advice. Please seek advice from your medical practitioner before undertaking any medical or cosmetic treatment.

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Types of Chemical Peels

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Affiliations & Accreditations

These are just some of  Dr Michael Rich’s accreditations and associations. Dr Rich is also a Fellow of the Australian College of Dermatologists  (FACD) .