Anti-wrinkle muscle relaxants for eye rejuvenation

Anti-wrinkle muscle relaxant injections may help. These anti-wrinkle relaxants have been used for more than a decade in a variety of medical conditions such as facial spasms, focal spasticity in adults and foot deformity in juvenile cerebral palsy patients. Muscle-relaxant injections have also been successfully used over the past few years as a treatment of glabella (frown), ‘crow’s feet’ lines and for severe hyperhidrosis (sweating) of the armpits.

Muscle relaxant remains a proven and reliable treatment that can both refresh and relax the appearance of a person’s face and give confidence when excessive sweating is a concern for many people.

Wrinkle relaxant injections specifically target the tiny facial muscles that cause the lines or wrinkles. Once the specific muscle is injected it is temporarily weakened, minimising its ability to ‘scrunch’ or ‘wrinkle’ the skin in that area. The skin becomes smooth and more relaxed, without affecting the facial expression.

Wrinkle relaxant treatments are temporary in their action lasting approximately three to five months. It has been observed that in most people, a benefit of longer lasting effect is produced when treatment is given two to three times per year.

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