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Chin and neck liposuction – the procedure and recovery

Chin and neck liposuction – the procedure and recovery
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chin neck liposuctionGetting your chin and neck sculpted for a more graceful neckline using liposuction means undergoing surgery. It is an outpatient operation (in and out on the same day) performed under local anaesthetic with possibly some sedation. The whole procedure takes about an hour, but this will depend on what you are having done and what extent the surgery is. Your surgeon can advise you on timeframes.

How it works

Before you start, your surgeon will make sure the treatment areas are carefully prepared. The art of liposuction is knowing just how much to take out and how much to leave, so your neck and chin remain natural-looking. This is something they will figure out before they start.

Once you are anaesthetised and sedated, your neck will be injected with a special tumescent fluid, which is part anaesthetic and part other ingredients to soften and numb your tissue. This fluid constricts blood vessels, helping to reduce bleeding during and after your surgery, reducing bruising.

Your surgeon will perform the surgery, suctioning out just the right amount of fat, and you won’t feel anything. There is no visible scar under the chin afterwards, since the incision is very small.

Downtime and recovery

Most people can return to normal activities within a week, light activities within days, but your surgeon will advise you on what you can and can’t do. Bruising will be the biggest issue facing you, and leaving more days between diving into life in the public eye and staying home until it fades is up for discussion. Bruising can last up to two weeks, but everyone is a bit different here so ask your surgeon at your follow-up visit what they think.

Chin and neck liposuction can make a huge difference to your profile, so if you think this might be an option for you, make an appointment at our clinic with our liposuction specialist, Dr Michael Rich.

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