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Cosmo survey on liposuction for men: chicks dig it

Cosmo survey on liposuction for men: chicks dig it
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liposuction for menA recent Cosmo Clinic survey of a thousand Australian readers has found that most women preferred the post-liposuction body of the male subject. The survey respondents did not know the man had had a liposuction treatment.

Before and after photos were the subject of the survey, with seven out of 10 women preferring the athletic and toned body, rather than ‘the dad bod’. But, the results got a bit more interesting than that, with more guys than girls preferring the ‘dad bod’, and more old-agers liking the athletic bod more. Who knew?

The main findings of the survey include:

  • Sixty-five per cent of those surveyed prefer the athletic and toned physique over the ‘dad bod’
  • Seven in 10 women preferred the post-liposuction results of the male subject
  • Amongst those aged 18-24, over 80 per cent preferred the athletic and toned version

The survey had just one question: ‘Which type of body do you prefer?’

The two options were what was described as ‘the stereotypical dad bod’ which is undefined, and another more athletic and toned body. (See photos here.)

Other interesting discoveries

  • Sixty-five per cent of all survey respondents said they preferred the ‘after’ liposuction photo of the athletic and toned torso.
  • Out of the respondents, three per cent were men.
  • Eight per cent of respondents were aged between 25 and 34 years old.
  • Most people who preferred the post-liposuction body were aged between 18-24.
  • The only age group who preferred the ‘dad bod’ were 55-64-year-olds.
  • No-one who responded to the survey knew the results were due to liposuction.
  • The number of men who preferred the athletic figure was less than women, at 61 per cent.
  • Those under age 55 preferred the athletic male body, but that changes as we age.
  • As we get older, we start to prefer the dad bod more – 45-54-year-olds like the ‘dad bod’ twice as often as those in the 18-24-year-old age group.
  • But that stops at age 65! Respondents over age 65 preferred the fitter male body.

So what have we learned? Not everyone likes an athletic figure on a man, but most do, and importantly, guys: not only do many love your undefined ‘dad bod’, but nobody can tell if you get liposuction!

The results by age

Prefers Athletic and Toned

  • 18-24 – 80 per cent
  • 25-34 – 71 per cent
  • 35-44 – 68 per cent
  • 45-54 – 57 per cent
  • 55-64 – 37 per cent
  • 65+ – 67 per cent
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