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Dermal filler injections for acne scarring – does it work?

Dermal filler injections for acne scarring – does it work?
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A treatment strategy for acne scars is a series of dermal filler injections, with the goal to fill out certain types of acne scarring so the skin has a more even appearance.

Many dermal fillers now also improve skin texture and help break down fibrous scar tissue, and while they can’t completely remove acne scars, dermal filler injections are effective in modifying the appearance of some types of acne scars.

At our Melbourne clinic, we see a lot of patients with acne scars of all types, but the two types of acne scars that respond very well to dermal filler injections are rolling scars and less well-defined boxcar scars. Rolling acne scars create a wave-like indentation on the skin (being wide and shallow), while boxcar acne scars are angular with well-defined edges (like a box).

Dermal filler injections are one of our safest, well-tolerated, effective cosmetic treatments, and in some patients, these injections are very successful at heavily reducing the appearance of acne scarring.

How acne scarring works

When acne forms inside a hair follicle or pore, the process resembles an unchecked infection. This infection is caused by bacteria that have a sneaky trick whereby they switch off your skin cells’ innate immunity (defence systems), allowing the bacteria to flourish and consequently destroying the fabric of your skin.

What remains is a space under the skin patched up with scar tissue, giving acne scars their characteristic pitted/sunken look.

How much dermal filler do I need to improve the appearance of acne scars?

The dose is dependent entirely on how extensive the scarring is, where on your face (or body) it is, and what sort of results you are after. There may be just one or two acne scars that bother you, you may have budget constraints, or you may wish to get full coverage. Each person is different.

Different types of dermal filler come with different price tags, though at ENRICH Clinic in Melbourne we tend to typically opt for a dermal filler for acne scars.

How long does dermal filler take to work on acne scars?

Dermal filler works immediately, as it is a physical injection that is designed to fill a gap. Over the coming few weeks, improvements also occur as the special technique used when injecting breaks down some of the tight fibres that hold scar tissue together. The entire dermal filler injection procedure stimulates fresh new collagen and elastin production in the area.

Dermal fillers for acne scars – the treatment itself

These treatments for acne scars are straightforward for an experienced medical injector, like the doctors at ENRICH Clinic in Melbourne. Because scars involve complex skin structures, its best to avoid minimally trained beauticians, as they do not have the skill you need nor the anatomical knowledge to get you best results.

Initially, you will have a consultation to discuss your concerns, with the acne scars you are most concerned about being focussed on. We’ll then thoroughly clean your face so we don’t introduce bacteria into your skin, with a topical numbing cream used to avoid any discomfort. Ice packs are used to reduce bruising and discomfort.

We use a very fine needle to perform the injections, allowing us to be very precise. After each carefully applied injection, you can check your new look out in the mirror and let us know if you are happy with the outcome.

Afterwards, your face may be a bit swollen and bruising may appear. There are a set of instructions you must follow after these treatments to get the best results, which your dermatologist will guide you through.

Other treatments for acne scars at our Melbourne clinic

Not all acne scars are going to be best treated with dermal filler injections, so we will evaluate your scarring to determine how best to go ahead with your treatments. Other options include a range of  lasers, skin needling and topical treatments.

We have effective treatments for acne scars.
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