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Getting rid of a double chin with chin liposuction

Getting rid of a double chin with chin liposuction
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Let’s get one thing clear: there’s nothing wrong with a proud double chin. A cute bobble underneath the chin and jaw can easily be an endearing feature that in no way detracts from our appearance.

Sometimes a double chin is genetic, appearing as a child and never leaving us, but a double chin can develop with weight gain and age. We may not be quite so fond of this later development, in which case we have an excellent and straightforward solution: chin liposuction.

You may think liposuction is only for the tummy or thighs, but we can do liposuction anywhere there are fatty deposits, including the chin and neck area. Chin liposuction is a long-lasting procedure.

“Submental fullness.”

The medical term for a double chin is submental fullness, a much-discussed topic in the cosmetic industry. The usual route for treatment is liposuction, a minor procedure in our clinic.

At ENRICH Clinic, we can perform chin liposuction or fat-dissolving injections at our Armadale clinic. The procedure is relatively quick to perform since we are not removing much fat.

How we perform chin liposuction

Chin liposuction is a reasonably short procedure where we remove a small amount of fat from underneath the chin using precision suction. The skin naturally retracts to its contents afterwards, creating a slimmer profile.

We use a local anaesthetic, which means you can drive yourself home after your procedure. The incisions for the microcannulas are tiny, just 1.5mm, behind the ear, or in a natural crease to be invisible.

We may only need to do one incision, but the usual is two, one on either side.

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Recovery from chin liposuction

You’ll be required to wear a head and neck garment to support your healing tissue, usually for 3-5 days. You will experience swelling and bruising after chin liposuction, but this will resolve within 10-14 days. The supportive ‘headgear’ is to encourage the resolution of swelling and facilitate faster healing.

You’ll be able to go back to your regular activities, including exercise, in about two weeks.

Who is a good candidate for chin liposuction?

  • Those who want a contoured neckline
  • Those whose skin is still reasonably elastic
  • Those who are at a healthy weight

How long does chin liposuction last?

When we remove fat from your body using liposuction, the fat cells are gone forever. Fat cells are like a water balloon: they expand as they fill up, growing and shrinking with your body’s fat storage needs.

When we physically remove these fat cells, they don’t ever grow back. If there are excess energy requirements in the future, new fat is stored elsewhere.

Chin liposuction, therefore, is a long-lasting body-sculpting procedure. You never get the double chin back again.

It is true that if you put on a significant amount of weight, there are still some fat cells in the area and you may develop a proportional double chin, but this is desirable since you want any weight gain to look natural.

Benefits of chin liposuction

  • Reduces fullness under the chin
  • Refines the jawline to enhance facial features
  • Those with elastic skin will see the best results
  • Can be used alongside other facial or chin treatments

Look younger and thinner

A double chin is associated with advancing age since this pocket of fat tends to develop as we get older.

Chin liposuction is one of our favourite treatments because it has quite the impact. You’ll still look exactly like you, but a younger, slimmer version. Nobody will know why! And the results will last.

Looking for more detailed information about the different fat reduction methods? Here is a full scientific study just for you!

Chin liposuction alternatives – fat-dissolving injections and ThermiTight

Liposuction isn’t for everyone, however, so we have other options. We offer fat-dissolving injections that we apply to the double chin/neck area for slimming and the ThermiTight radiofrequency device that has an under-skin probe to destroy fat.

Fat-dissolving injections work using an enzyme substance that strategically dissolves fat, being a less invasive route to removing a double chin if liposuction is not on the cards.

One benefit of these injections is that the enzymes also stimulate collagen production in the skin post-treatment. The new collagen helps to tighten the skin a little more, adding to the slimming effect.

Make no mistake, though: fat-dissolving injections aren’t a one-prick solution to a double chin; these multiple injections come with swelling and downtime, with modest fat removal when compared with liposuction.

The ThermiTight is a radiofrequency device used to tighten skin, but also to remove fat. We can utilise the ThermiTight device for small areas like the chin, or larger areas such as the belly.

Tightening of sagging neck skin combined with fat removal

Skin naturally retracts around its contents, however the less elastic the skin, the less retraction. For the full effect skin retraction connected with the liposuction treatment to be revealed, It may take months.  Depending on the patient, other treatments may be recommended to tighten sagging neck skin to remove ‘turkey neck’.

Your double chin augmentation options are best discussed with your cosmetic doctor since each of you has different needs. It’s important to have a personal consultation with a doctor who can analyse your chin and neck area to help determine the next best step.

We have no doubt you’ll love the results!

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