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How chin liposuction can enhance the face

How chin liposuction can enhance the face
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Chin liposuction can make you look younger, more so than just about any other treatment we do. Why the quick results? A double chin is one of the key indicators of age that we have, so when it’s gone, it instantly takes years off your face. 

Dr Rich removes the small amount of fat causing the double chin from the chin and neck area, with often a significant impact on the profile of the jaw and neckline.

Looking younger after chin liposuction

A double chin can appear before other signs of ageing, and now that we’re constantly photographing ourselves from unflattering angles, the double chin is now a constant companion. 

One of the advantages of removing a double chin is adjusting your perceived age. That might be the age you see when you look in the mirror or how old others think you are, which may not match how you feel inside. While age is just a number, you don’t need a double chin reminding you how old you are in every single photo. 

Dr Rich performs the double chin liposuction procedure at our Armadale clinic. Despite the reputation of liposuction as an extensive and involved surgery, chin liposuction takes under an hour, and recovery is quick.

chin liposuction to enhance face

Removing a puffy-looking double chin

A double chin can create a puffy-looking face, even if you’re fit and healthy, without any water retention or swelling of the area. Puffiness caused by fat deposits can make for an unhealthy appearance, even in younger people. These fat deposits are mainly genetic – if double chins run in the family, it doesn’t matter how slim you are; the double chin stays. 

Dr Rich can remove excess facial fat in a person of almost any age, with many younger people opting to have their family baggage removed via chin liposuction. The procedure smooths and refines the jawline, offering a jawline to be proud of for years to come. 

Making the most of your facial features

Many of us have hidden gems, including beautiful jaws or facial structures that a double chin could obscure as we age. With some precision facial sculpting using liposuction and other skin-tightening and antiageing treatments applied by your skilled dermatologist, your face could glow for longer.

woman with enhanced face after chin liposuction

Other treatments we use with chin liposuction

If you are undergoing double chin liposuction as an antiageing procedure, then there’s like to be other ways to make the most of your features. We can tighten, smooth and tone skin, remove age and sunspots, remove signs of skin damage, and address large pores, wrinkles and scarring. 

If you’re younger and aren’t that interested in antiageing treatments just yet, ENRICH Clinic is a fantastic option as a one-stop-shop to refine your jawline and chin and defy your genetics. 

Benefits of chin and neck liposuction

  • Improved facial profile
  • Contoured jawline
  • No scalpels
  • Skin naturally tightens around the jawline
  • Relatively simple technique
  • Quick procedure – less than an hour
  • Pain-free treatment – local anaesthetic injections only
  • Recovery time is just a few days
  • Get rid of ‘selfie neck/selfie chin’ in photos and video calls
  • Mostly invisible scarring in a discrete area behind the ear
  • Great for men and women
  • Nobody will know – you’ll just look thinner and younger
  • Add other treatments for greater impact – replenish volume or play down lines
  • Long-lasting results

What’s the difference between a double chin and a turkey neck?

A double chin refers to fat deposits underneath the chin, sitting on the neck area rather than the chin specifically. We call it a double chin because it hangs underneath our natural chin. A double chin is made up of fat, while a turkey neck is loose skin that tends to run from the collarbone to the point of the chin, like a tent, whereas the double chin is a bulge. 

A turkey neck results from ageing skin that has lost its elasticity, so it sags and wrinkles like the turkey’s wattle. (The wattle is a turkey’s dangling neck.) 

We sometimes see a double chin and turkey neck together, where significant skin sagging and fatty deposits create a hanging bulge. 

After liposuction, the skin naturally retracts around its contents unless the collagen and elastin in the skin are stretched and unable to spring back. In a turkey neck and double chin, we can use skin tightening treatments and liposuction. In some cases, a more involved procedure may be necessary for a satisfying outcome; however, a consultation will reveal what is possible in your particular case. 

Liposuction alternatives

Fat removal and body sculpting have come a long way, and we now have several other effective options for removing fat. We have radio frequency fat reducing technology and fat-dissolving injections at our fingertips for those for whom liposuction isn’t a viable option for whatever reason, including costs of liposuction

At ENRICH Clinic in Melbourne, we can combine facial liposuction with other procedures as part of an ongoing antiageing plan or can use it as a standalone treatment – it’s up to you. 

Where to next?

If you’re not sure what the next best step for you is, get in touch and come in for a consultation. Our expert body sculpting specialists will help guide you to the treatment to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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