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Juliet Laser for vaginal rejuvenation

Juliet Laser for vaginal rejuvenation
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Internal Laser Vaginal rejuvenation
The Juliet with V Spot Erbium: YAG laser is the latest technology in fractional laser systems for gentle, effective vaginal rejuvenation and improving urinary stress incontinence. The special structure of the laser pulse allows penetration deep into the tissue, precisely where it is most required.

Due to the electronically controlled thermal effects of the Erbium laser beam, when used with the V Spot handpiece, Juliet laser has fewer side effects and risks compared to other lasers on the market for vaginal rejuvenation, whilst delivering superior, safer results.

The first laser to offer this benefit was the Mona Lisa. As the first in its class, the concept and technology were brilliantly conceived. In Dr Michael Rich’s opinion, the Juliet, which is a newer technology, achieves not only longer lasting results, but attains a better result in less than half the number of treatments.

What does the Juliet Laser treat?
With menopause or due to hormonal treatments related to conditions like breast cancer, the vaginal lining becomes thin and atrophic, and can result in painful intercourse due to dryness, itch, discharge and spotting. The Juliet Laser rejuvenates the lining of the vagina resulting in a more hydrated, better quality and thicker lining with improved lubrication and less discomfort.

Pregnancy, childbirth and ageing often cause vaginal wall laxity and urinary stress incontinence when involuntary loss of urine occurs during coughing, sneezing or physical exertion. The Juliet Laser tightens the vaginal canal and supporting structures around the bladder, improving sensation with intercourse (for both you and your partner) and reduces urine leakage with physical activity, sneezing or coughing.

The external labia majora and labia minora can also be rejuvenated with the Juliet Laser, plumping up the outer labia and tightening and retracting the inner labia.

Can everyone have the procedure?
Treatment is not performed during pregnancy, if there is any undiagnosed vaginal bleeding and if there is a current urine or genital tract infection. We require the patient to have had a recent PAP smear test with a normal result.

Does the treatment hurt?
To minimise discomfort, oral analgesia tablets (Panadeine) is given prior to the treatment, and local anaesthetic cream is applied to the external areas if they will be treated. Discomfort during treatment is therefore minimal, although some patients feel a mild, warm sensation during the procedure.

What happens during treatment?

  1. Juliet with V Spot Erbium laser vaginal rejuvenation is carried out only by our highly trained doctors at ENRICH.
  2. Positioning during treatment is similar to having a PAP smear, with a sheet placed over the groin for modesty.
  3. A speculum examination is performed after which the local anaesthetic cream, applied previously, is removed.
  4. The laser treatment is then carried out.

Recovery Process

  • There may be mild discomfort immediately after the treatment.
  • There is however no actual downtime from the treatment, although abstaining from intercourse for 7 days is advised.
  • A sanitary pad or panty liner can be worn for the light vaginal discharge that lasts for up to 5 days after treatment.

How many treatments are required?
For ladies who have not reached menopause, one treatment is sufficient. However, postmenopausal patients benefit from a second treatment, one month later.

How quickly is improvement noticed?
Benefits are observed almost immediately, although maximal tightening due to new collagen formation will take up to a month to occur.

What makes the Juliet laser different from other lasers that perform vaginal rejuvenation?

  • Fewer treatments are required with the Juliet. Many other lasers require a minimum of four treatments compared to one or two with the Juliet.
  • Juliet has a smaller hand-piece meaning greater comfort compared with some of the bulkier devices on the market.
  • The Juliet has a target-specific laser beam using sophisticated technology resulting in more precise treatment and less damage to surrounding areas, making it ideal for delicate tissue such as the vagina.

Why have the procedure at ENRICH?
At ENRICH, we only have experienced doctors performing the assessment of and the treatment for vaginal rejuvenation. Our doctors understand the personal and intimate nature of your concerns. Their specialist knowledge and compassion ensures that you achieve the best possible results for conditions that are often very difficult to talk about, let alone have treated.

Contact us to arrange a personal consultation to find out whether Juliet can assist in addressing your most intimate needs.

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