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Liposuction Cost Melbourne - ENRICH ClinicCost is an important factor when deciding if liposuction treatments are something you are prepared to undergo – liposuction is a big decision with many elements to it. We understand that the costs of liposuction may mean financially and physically planning ahead, therefore we are clear about costs from the outset.

When you write or call us to discuss the cost of liposuction at Enrich Clinic, the first thing you’ll tell us is the area you want treated and ask ‘how much?’. The problem here is that we can’t see you to see how much fat you want removed or what you want reshaped, but importantly, perhaps liposuction isn’t the best course of action for you. We have many body sculpting options at our clinic, and the importance of a personal consultation is so that we can accurately establish what your goals are and exactly how we can help – and how much this will cost. We may discuss alternate treatments based on your budget and needs.

We do not have set prices for liposuction, though we do have ranges that you can expect (below), because it is a complicated procedure that involves many different elements of consideration including your size, shape, health, and yes, your budget. Sometimes we can do more with less, and other times large-volume liposuction may be the best pathway forward, which costs more. Having a private no-obligation consultation with Dr Rich is the only way to determine this.

Reducing costs for more areas

The more liposuction you have on more areas, the cheaper it becomes ‘per square inch’, since the overheads are taken into account in your initial fee, and the rest is time, skill and resources. Setting up liposuction treatments has an initial cost, for example to pay for the assessment, photographs, and get started on the procedure, but once extra areas are added this becomes much simpler, because you are already in the clinic. The cost is not doubled, but incrementally increased, even if twice as much fat is removed or twice as many areas are treated.

An example of this is if full-body liposculpture is performed, including arms, neck, stomach, back, flanks, buttocks, hips, thighs, knees and ankles, we have a set price that includes everything. This takes into account the time and overheads cost, plus the general anaesthetic required for this extensive type of body work. The set price also includes follow-up consultations.

Liposuction costs start to increase if you have large-volume (mega) liposuction. We remove far more fat during large-volume liposuction on overweight people, who may need more than one procedure over many months. You may need repeat liposuction procedures to remove or reshape the fat required for the profound change you are after, which increases the costs, sometimes dramatically.

Liposuction treatment costs have stayed pretty much the same throughout the last two decades because more people than ever are getting liposuction, meaning costs have remained steady. Decades ago, a liposuction treatment could cost a lot and in some countries, it still does.

Abdominal/tummy liposuction costs

Abdominal Tummy Liposuction Melbourne - ENRICH ClinicLiposuction on your trunk can get complex, especially if you consider just how different our waistlines look. We are all different shapes and sizes, with different body goals. There are several methods and techniques for getting the most out of your abdomen with liposuction, with each technique differing in cost. To establish how Dr Rich would perform liposuction on your abdomen, and thus how much it would cost, we suggest you take advantage of our no-obligation consultation. An accurate quote means you can plan ahead financially, understand exactly what areas will be treated, and how that will be performed. This way you can look forward to the results, and feel comfortable with your personal plan. You can rest assured that once you have a quote, that amount won’t change.

  • Abdominal liposuction – $6,000-$7,200

How much is leg liposuction?

Leg liposuction cost will depend on how much fat needs to be removed from your legs, and whether it is the thighs – inner and/or outer – or lower down the legs as well, into the knees, calves and ankles. Use your consultation to talk over your aesthetic goals with Dr Rich for the most accurate cost of leg liposuction.

  • Inner thigh liposuction – $4,800-$5,200
  • Outer thigh liposuction – $4,800-$5,600

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with Dr Michael Rich and Head Speciality Nurse Helen Solonsch


Does tumescent liposuction cost more?

Tumescent liposuction is the gold standard of liposuction and is the only way that Dr Rich performs his treatments, due to the smooth results and the excellent safety profile. Costs of tumescent liposuction are thus dependent on what you are getting done and this technique is no more or less pricey. It’s the only option.

How much is chin liposuction?

Chin liposuction is a very small procedure that can be done quickly and with minimal overheads. This reduces the cost of sculpting your profile, making it more affordable.

  • Chin liposuction – $3,800-$4,200

Breast reduction liposuction costs

Breast reductions can vary in the amount of fat being removed, and so the cost of breast reduction liposuction will vary between individuals. Our no-obligation consultation is a great way to establish just how much your breast reduction liposuction treatment will cost and give you a better idea of what to expect. Some breast reduction surgeries may be covered by Medicare.

Belly liposuction costs for men

Men can carry a large amount of fat just in their bellies, but each of you will have a certain amount underneath your abdominal muscles (visceral) and a certain amount on the outside of the muscles (cutaneous). Cutaneous fat is the only fat we can liposuction, so an assessment will be required to determine the cost of belly fat liposuction in men based on what percentage of your belly fat is visceral and cutaneous.

Gynaecomastia/chest liposuction costs for men

If the breast tissue is very glandular (as opposed to fatty), liposuction may not be possible or only a small amount of liposuction may be performed, reducing the cost. Male breast tissue has very little to it compared to women’s, so the cost will have the base level of costs associated with liposuction, but on the lower side due to the small area being treated, local anaesthetic able to be used, and shorter treatment times. The chest area itself may contain fat you would like to see gone or reshaped, so a no-obligation consultation will provide the information you need in terms of chest or breast-tissue liposuction cost for men. Gynaecomastia surgery may be covered on Medicare.

The one-fee system and your expectations

Our clinic charges just one fee for your liposuction, paid prior to your procedure with no extra costs involved. This fee includes your aftercare appointments, however products are not included outside of what is required for proper healing.

Most people who come in for liposuction are not rich or famous, but ordinary Australians who have saved hard for a much-desired procedure. This means we take your budget seriously and have no hidden costs. We understand that your decision to undergo liposuction was not undertaken lightly, and it is a big deal emotionally, financially, and physically.

Is liposuction worth the cost?

This is only something you can answer, however Dr Rich’s patients report high levels of satisfaction. It’s important to Dr Rich that his clients are happy with their results, which means explaining exactly what you can expect before you have your procedure. That way there are no surprises. Each and every one of you has your own reasons for wanting liposuction or body sculpting, and you should talk to Dr Rich about those at your appointment so he can make sure that your needs will be met.

Estimated costs for some liposuction procedures

Remember, this is an estimate only, and individual costs will vary depending on what is required. More areas reduce the cost for the subsequent procedures since it can all be performed at the same time.

  • Chin liposuction – $3,800-$4,200
  • Abdomen liposuction – $6,000-$7,200
  • Lower back (flanks) liposuction – $4,800-$5,200
  • Hip liposuction – $4,800-$5,200
  • Inner thigh liposuction – $4,800-$5,200
  • Outer thigh liposuction – $4,800-$5,600
  • Love handle liposuction – $4,800-$5,200

What are those liposuction costs for?

  • Doctor’s fees
  • Assistant or nurse fees
  • Anaesthetist fees if applicable
  • Theatre costs including equipment overheads and special tools required
  • Follow-up costs
  • GST

Is liposuction cost covered by Medicare?

Cosmetic liposuction costs are not covered by Medicare, because it is an elective procedure. This means that unless your liposuction is deemed medically necessary and is a procedure covered by Medicare, the government will not subsidise or pay for your procedure.

Some treatments may be subsidised or covered, including breast reductions, gynaecomastia surgery, or other medical uses for liposuction. Speak to our clinic staff about what is covered and what is not.

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