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Liposuction for breast reductions

Liposuction for breast reductions
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Liposuction of the breast is a much simpler operation than other breast-reduction surgeries, particularly using the tumescent technique. It is a one-day surgery with a speedy recovery.

What happens in traditional breast-reduction surgery?
A mammoplasty involves the surgeon cutting out sections of breast, which means relocating the nipple and tidying up loose skin. This is very invasive, and effectively reshapes and aligns the entire breast. This is useful in some situations.

What happens in breast-reduction liposuction?
The breast has a special (tumescent) fluid inserted via a very small tube (micro-cannula). The tumescent fluid is actually diluted anaesthetic, which numbs the whole breast, but has the added benefit of softening and evening out the fat in the breast. This makes removal of the fat much easier.

How many cup sizes?
Tumescent liposuction can remove up to half the fatty breast tissue, but results do vary from woman to woman. Each woman and breast has its own unique features, and the wants and desires of the client, plus what is actually possible, are critical components in establishing which breast reduction procedure is more suitable. The reduction is typically one or two cup sizes.

Why choose tumescent liposuction techniques?
Liposuction is comparatively far safer than traditional breast reduction techniques, with far fewer areas for complications to develop.

Recovery time is much shorter with liposuction, the procedure is safer, with scarring minimal, compared to a mammoplasty. If the breasts are very voluminous (with a large reduction required) or further augmentation is desired, another technique may be more appropriate than a breast reduction by liposuction.

The incisions made are very small, so scarring is minimal. Read about breast-reduction scarring

This procedure requires just the anaesthetic inside the breast (acting as a local anaesthetic), not a general anaesthetic (which makes you unconscious). General anaesthetic comes with its own set of risks, so avoiding this where possible improves safety. The anaesthetic also acts as an antibacterial, reducing infection risks dramatically.

Ease of procedure
The surgeon isn’t cutting into your breast, but gently sucking out the fat tissue through a small tube via an incision. The procedure is far less traumatic for the whole breast and far less complex than a mammoplasty.

Reduced bleeding and bruising
The anaesthetic fluid seals the blood vessels, so bleeding is minimal. This leads to less bruising – a bruise is blood that has collected under the skin from ruptured blood vessels.

The breast gets a gentle lift and looks natural
Removing excess tissue that weighs the breast down means once you remove this tissue, the breast gets a slight lift. The breast retains its natural look and feel, since the breast tissue and skin shrinks to fill the tunnels the surgeon has removed, taking the whole breast with it.

The more elastic the skin, and the more tissue removed, the more lift will be apparent.

There is no evidence to suggest that this procedure inhibits normal breastfeeding, however long-term studies have not been conducted. If you are worried about future breastfeeding, speak to your surgeon for more information. Read more about breastfeeding after liposuction breast reductions

Recovery time
Liposuction for breast reduction is a day surgery, with a few days off work recommended depending on your circumstances. Clients will need to wear special compression garments for a few weeks, removing it only to bathe.

These special garments pressurise the tissue, helping the swelling reduce quicker by encouraging reabsorption of fluid. You will get instructions from Dr Rich in our Melbourne clinic regarding what activities to avoid while you heal, including exercise.

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