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Liposuction for buttocks

Liposuction for buttocks
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Getting liposuction on the buttocks can be a very useful tool for long-lasting body shaping. The shape of the buttocks is important for overall shape, since it forms a large part of our form. This applies to both men and women, though women tend to carry a lot more fat around their hips and buttocks than men do.

The goal of liposuction of the buttocks is to provide well-proportioned, symmetrical, smooth, shapely results. The fat on the buttocks has great aesthetic value, so leaving the right amount behind (ahem!) is key. We use our buttocks for so many things besides admiration: it is used as a cushion when we sit and the large muscles beneath the fat help hold us upright.

We all love a beautiful rump

The Ancient Greeks had a word to describe beautiful buttocks: callipygian. It translates to beautiful rump. At ENRICH, we aim for callipygian.

The liposuction procedure on buttocks

Tumescent liposuction of buttocks fat is done using very small cannulas for a smooth result, with virtually invisible marks left behind at the incision points. Buttock-fat liposuction is not usually for removing a lot of fat, but to reshape the fat that is there for a more pleasing look. The general rule is that no more than 40 per cent of buttock fat should be removed using this method of liposuction, since more than that will upset the balance of the body shape. Removing too much fat from the buttocks can result in pain when sitting and an unappealing look.

What buttock liposuction can’t do

Any form of liposuction is not a weight-loss tool, but a body-shaping tool. Buttock liposuction doesn’t tend to lift the buttocks to any great degree, since the buttocks hang if the muscles inside are not very large or toned – the muscles provide the most lift, but skin retraction after liposuction does account for some lift.

Taking fat out of the buttocks won’t leave you with sagging skin, since the skin naturally retracts around whatever it contains, accounting for this small amount of lift. The older your skin, the less lift will occur, since elasticity and retraction of skin is important.

The boundaries of the buttocks – creating and taking away

The buttocks are a large amount of fat in one area, compared to other areas of fat on our bodies. This means it’s important to understand where the boundaries are when looking at buttock liposuction.

The buttocks may include a fat pad (the sacral fat pad) located on the lower back just above the top of the buttocks cheek crease. The crease underneath each cheek (horizontal) is the boundary line between the thighs and the buttocks. Some people don’t have this clearly-defined border, but it usually can’t be created using liposuction. There are other bulges and creases that may appear on the buttocks, including an extra roll of fat underneath the buttocks.

Your treatment at ENRICH is likely to cover everything you need, and not just focus on one particular area – we are body-shaping experts, not just liposuction experts.

Talk to us about how we can make your body more beautiful. 
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