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Love your arms again – upper arm sculpting

Love your arms again – upper arm sculpting
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You can turn around one day and realise that your arms flap in the breeze. Surprised? Don’t be. Getting flabby arms is completely normal and natural, as disappointing as it might be. This applies equally to men and women.

You can get your lovely arms back with a sculpting procedure on the upper arms, where fat deposits can collect and the skin starts to sag. As we age the upper arms start to hang down when the arm is at a right angle to the body, or fat squashes out when our arms are at our sides or folded. No matter what’s happening to your arms that you don’t like, we can help.

Reshaping the arm

If your ‘batwings’ are getting you down, you do have options. First, make an appointment with Dr Michael Rich, Melbourne’s premier cosmetic dermatologist and liposuction pioneer (arguably the best Australia’s got). He will examine your arms and explain your options to you, which may some skin-tightening treatments using radiofrequency or other devices, or a minor liposuction procedure.

Skin-tightening procedures

These procedures use different wave-based devices like radiofrequency and acoustic-wave therapy. Skin tightening is useful if there is not a lot of fat in the arms, but instead the skin is starting to sag a little. The results will depend largely on your age and skin elasticity. These devices can also, amazingly, remove small pockets of fat.

Arm liposuction

Liposuction on the upper arms means removing fat in a way that will leave your arm looking natural. Once the fat has been removed, the skin will naturally retract. If you have a lot of sagging skin on your upper arms, this may need a separate operation to remove excess skin.

Arm liposuction is a straightforward procedure performed under local anaesthetic as a day surgery. Your appointment with your specialist will determine the best way to shape your arms.

Love your arms again.
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