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Menopause and your vagina – how the Erbium laser can help

Menopause and your vagina – how the Erbium laser can help
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Reaching menopause means many changes, including some nasty surprises. One such nasty surprise may have been a dry, irritated, itchy vagina, urinary problems, and painful sex.

At menopause, your ovaries cease function, no longer producing oestrogen, or causing the whole hormonal cascade that has been occurring over and over your whole life. Over time, your ovaries will shrink, losing form and function. They’re out.

This means no oestrogen, and no oestrogen means your vagina, vulva and some parts of your urinary system can lose their lust for life. This can cause the full spectrum of vaginal, vulvar and urinary symptoms that is now being called the genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM), because its old name – atrophic vaginitis – didn’t accurately represent all the symptoms. Atrophic vaginitis is still a thing, but when all these symptoms occur at menopause – both natural and induced early – it is now genitourinary syndrome of menopause.

Facts checklist

  • Not everyone who has atrophic vaginitis has GSM
  • Not everyone who hits menopause will get GSM
  • Not everyone who has GSM will get all the symptoms – you may just get a few
  • Severity of symptoms can vary widely between women

Areas affected

  • Labia (minora and majora)
  • Clitoris
  • Vestibule
  • Vaginal opening (introitus)
  • Vagina
  • Urethra
  • Bladder

Symptoms you may experience with GSM

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Lack of lubrication with sexual arousal
  • Burning of the vulva or vagina
  • Vulvar irritation
  • Discomfort or pain during sex
  • Impaired function of tissues
  • Urinary problems – urgency, difficulty, frequent urinary tract infections
  • ItchingImage result

Image resultVaginal lasers and RF machines, and how they can bring your vagina and vulva back to life

A 2015 study evaluated the Juliet Erbium laser in postmenopausal women suffering from the uncomfortable symptoms of GSM. Researchers found that after one treatment every 30 days for three consecutive months, there were significant improvements in vaginal, vulvar, and urinary symptoms.

Radiofrequency treatments are now part of our vaginal rejuvenation treatment program too.

This is excellent news for anyone looking down the barrel of menopause who is suffering uncomfortable vaginal, vulvar and urinary symptoms, since treatments for this syndrome are scant, often inconvenient, or ineffective.

Improvements included:

  • Greater vaginal lubrication
  • Less or no pain with sex
  • Significant improvements in stress urinary incontinence

The effects of the vaginal laser treatments were ‘rapid and long-lasting’, and well-tolerated.

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