Liposuction with Dr Michael Rich

As of the 30/6/2024 Dr Rich will not be offering liposuction as a treatment option to our patients. The burden of a massive sector insurance increase, AHPRA’s continued updates of regulations and rules and the fact that Dr Rich is in more demand than ever for his dermatology practice & theatre has all contributed to this decision.

Dr Rich has been performing the tumescent liposuction procedure in Australia over 30 years. Dr Rich was trained by Dr Jeffrey Klein, the founder of the tumescent technique in the USA. Dr Rich has chaired the liposuction symposium at the World Congress of Dermatology and, for several years chaired the liposuction symposium for the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery.

“It’s bittersweet to step away from performing liposuction, as I have witnessed the significant benefits of this procedure for many patients, have greatly enjoyed working with our dedicated Liposuction team and wonderful patients over the years. However, due to the current financial climate and ongoing industry changes, I have decided to concentrate exclusively on my dermatology practice, team, and patients.” says Dr Rich

The clinic will continue to offer Trusculpt as a fat-reducing option, as well as the many other skin health and aesthetic treatments we have on offer.