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Removing ‘man-boobs’ with liposuction – a new trend

Removing ‘man-boobs’ with liposuction – a new trend
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Men can develop stubborn breast-like chest fat, affectionately dubbed ‘man-boobs’. Sometimes man-boobs are caused by a far less cutesy medical condition and in those cases, this excess breast tissue is called gynaecomastia. This means breasts actually begin to develop due to the effects of oestrogen.

Liposuction for man-boobs – a viable option
Liposuction, particularly of breast tissue in men, is not a weight-loss technique, but a way to move stubborn excess fatty deposits or in the case of gynaecomastia, developing breast tissue.

Liposuction is becoming increasingly popular with men who want to remove excess chest tissue, perhaps to rid themselves of stubborn (or medically-induced) man-boobs, or in some cases, to help define muscles.

Fibrous glandular tissue or fat?
The typical way that fatty breast tissue is removed is by liposuction (using the tumescent technique). Fibrous glandular tissue that can develop in gynaecomastia isn’t always as easy to remove this way and may require another technique. Your surgeon will discuss your particular case with you in person.

The tumescent liposuction procedure for men
The breast has a tumescent fluid (a diluted anaesthetic mixture) inserted via a very small tube (micro-cannula) to numb, soften, and even out the fatty tissue.

Then the fat is gently sucked out through a small tube via an incision. The tumescent fluid acts as an antibacterial as well as blocking the blood vessels, resulting in less infection risk and very little bleeding (and therefore very little bruising).

The chest retains its natural look and feel, and scarring is minimal and not typically visible.

Recovery time
Liposuction on the male breast area is a day surgery, with about two days taken off work, depending on the type of work you do. Special compression garments must be worn for a few weeks, removed only to bathe. These special garments pressurise the tissue, helping the swelling reduce faster by encouraging reabsorption of fluid.

You will get instructions from Dr Rich in our Melbourne clinic regarding what activities to avoid while you heal, including exercise.

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